Mastering Category Analysis and Planning

Strategic category analytics and tools to win at the shelf today
and predict the trends of tomorrow.

Win the space race

Show retailers you can boost their
revenue by optimizing space.

Make resets work for you

Use historical insights to turn category resets into
sales opportunities.

Painless planogramming

Convert image files into easily edited, powerful planograms.

Be the perfect partner

Harness analytics and optimization tools to show retailers how your category will maximize revenue today and through future resets.

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Win the space race

Retail space has never been so dynamic, and so rich with possibilities. We find the best ways to utilize space in each of your customers’ thousands of locations, and reoptimize your assortments as fast as the market changes.

Your unfair advantage

With digitized eyes in every store, you can scan the category landscape, track competitors’ SKUs, and learn how your brands can overtake them.

Sales synergy

Combine shelf data with EPOS data to compute the cash value of every lever, and wow retailers with your revenue-led planning.

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Rewarding resets

Turn category resets into revenue opportunities. With a complete understanding of how shelf positions impact sales — during every season and at every retailer — you can deftly design your spacing strategy.

Past perfect

By analyzing historic shelf patterns, you’ll see exactly how your — and your competitors’ — brands have most effectively reacted to resets.

Planogram ahead

Know which SKUs elevate your category — and where on the shelf they’re most effective — so your planograms can exploit changing spacings and facings.

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CPG brand for food
CPG Brand for Food

The brand freed up 38% of its field force's time by switching from manual to digital audits. This allowed the team to audit 4 new categories while enjoying 40% in cost savings.

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Painless planogramming

We take the pain out of planograms. Our image-recognition technology takes your shelf photos and PDFs and transforms them into editable files. You’ll save up to 80% of the time you used to spend reproducing planograms, leaving you more time to make them shine.

High-tech tools

Compare planograms to KPIs, see the levers that most impact sales, output metrics to Excel, export files into other space-planning apps, and so much more.


From your centralized cloud database of products and POGs, sales teams can create and modify planograms for specific retailers or stores.

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Category analysis and planning solutions for CPGs

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Become your category buyer’s preferred partner with shelf intelligence

Trax Category Excellence gives you a better understanding of your brands’ performance in relation...

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