In Store Execution - Accuracy Every Time

Trax gives you full control of how your SKUs are viewed in stores.

More effective merchandising

A FlexForce of workers is ready to get your products showcased
in stores.

Perfect store

Achieve the Perfect Store
with the right tools
for flawless implementation.

In-store instructions

Snap the shelf and, seconds later, get precise execution instructions.

Perfect shelves in a fraction
of the time

Our suite of technologies makes retail execution faster, smarter, and more accurate. We even have a workforce to activate your strategy.

customer buying goods

More effective merchandising

Audits, merchandising, display builds or restocking, our on-demand workforce takes your in-store execution and brand representation to another level. Our data-driven merchandising solution delivers targeted micro-execution with unparalleled speed and retail coverage.

Scalable coverage

Our national, localized workforce helps you launch execution projects in hours and solve shelf issues as they occur. Adjust your coverage to react quickly to the changing landscape.

Transparent model

Every visit to every store uses mobile technology and machine learning to provide in-store data, shelf level photos, and quality assurance to make sure you pay only for the work you need.

Get the solution
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Strategy becomes reality

A Perfect Store strategy only succeeds when it’s perfectly executed and its results precisely measured. We help you bring your program to life with a toolbox of implementation and monitoring technologies that turn plans into profits.

Quantify your KPIs

See if your Perfect Store KPIs match actual shelves. Intuitive dashboards reveal mistakes so reps can quickly correct them.

Insights for improvements

Detailed analytics reveal which KPIs drive sales allowing you to refine your Perfect Store strategy and
maximize revenue.

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The future of shelf fixing

Make tedious, inefficient, inaccurate store walks a thing of the past. With our Computer Vision and deep-learning technologies, you see exactly what’s happening on the ground.

Shelf fixes in a snap

When reps spend 60% less time checking products, they spend more time selling products.

Appraise performance

Track your field force against shelf targets, identify untapped opportunities, and adjust your strategy in real-time.

See for yourself

In-store execution solutions for CPGs

Cutting-edge technology proven to boost revenues and reduce costs.
Contact us today for demonstrations.

dynamic merchandising
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Dynamic merchandising is smart, fast, and flexible

We’ve combined our Computer Vision and machine learning platforms with a scalable, nationwide workforce—available...

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Trax Retail Execution
trax retail execution
Trax Retail Execution

Powered by the industry’s leading Computer Vision technology, Trax Retail Execution is the ultimate...

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Empower your field force to make smart decisions in-store and at shelf

Trax Field Optimizer empowers sales reps and merchandisers with real-time, computer vision-powered shelf insights....

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