Grocery E-commerce Solution - Create Repeat Customers

Create repeat customers by ensuring internet orders are fulfilled quickly
and accurately.

Deliver the goods

Reduce the number of missing and substituted delivery items.

Pep up pickers

Give staff optimized picking paths to get items packed faster.

Unify your shops

Show live inventory on your
site so shoppers know
what’s available.

The missing piece for
perfect ecommerce

Avoid disappointed online customers by only selling what’s in stock. Then, help staff quickly get orders prepared for pick-up or delivery.

goods being delivered

Deliver the goods

When a shopper hits the pay button on an online order, they expect every item in their cart to arrive as fast as possible. And yet, 30% of deliveries have missing or substituted items. Avoid customer agitation by connecting shelf data with your ecommerce platform.

A web of desire

Keep online and offline customers wanting more by optimizing availability. Trax helps retailers fulfil more orders with a 360 degree view of inventory demand.

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Leading Supermarket Operator
  • Chief Operating Officer

Trax makes it very easy for us to measure availability and out-of-stock - these were critical issues for us to deal with.

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Pep up pickers

Deliveries run on tight margins, and customers hate waiting for groceries. Solve both problems with optimized picking paths to each SKU.

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Unify your shops

Use Trax’s fixed cameras and image-recognition tech to understand real-time availability. Then update your online store every second with shelf data to give internet shoppers the transparent process they desire.

A no-surprise experience

Always-on inventory scans allow you to provide a seamless omnichannel experience. Shoppers will know what’s in stock when they check inventory before arrival or fill online baskets.

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Innovative solution designed for eCommerce teams

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trax retail watch
Trax Retail Watch - Real-Time Shelf Monitoring System

Our real-time shelf-monitoring and analytics platform reveals what’s happening in the aisles so you...

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Speak to a Retail expert

Lee Barwin

Lee Barwin

Director, Retail Marketing

Fueled by shelf digitization, today’s grocery is becoming agile, personalized and convenient for shoppers; find out what this means for your retail stores by talking with Lee.

Ariel Sternfine

Ariel Sternfine

Director, Product Marketing, Retail

For a deep dive on ROI and the key use cases of availability, price integrity, supply chain and ecommerce speak with Ariel.


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