Inventory Optimization - Eyes On Your Shelves

Use shelf-level data to prevent availability problems and
perfectly predict your inventory needs.

Know thy shelf

Reduce out-of-shelf events and increase incremental sales 1%+.

The ins and outs of inventory

Merge shelf data with sales trends to right-size your inventory.

Achieve eCommerce excellence

Give online shoppers an accurate, and awesome, experience.

You can’t sell what you don’t stock

Give customers what they want. Our AI-powered Computer Vision technology helps you reduce out-of-shelf incidents, optimize your supply chain, and raise your online and in-store revenue.

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Know thy shelf

On average, 8% of a retailer’s products are out-of-shelf, causing a 4.1% loss in sales even though backrooms have the items in inventory.
Our autonomous in-store cameras can reduce out-of-shelf situations by 35% and increase sales by 1%+.

Mind the gaps

Alert store staff to shelf events in real-time. Mobile devices receive notifications on out-of-shelf items, low facings, incorrect prices, and misplaced SKUs.

Restore with confidence

Know how long OOS incidents last and quantify the sales impact. We provide data needed to hone replenishment plans and optimize limited resources.

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Largest Supermarket Operator in Israel

The largest supermarket operator in Israel leveraged shelving conditions data from Trax to fine-tune their merchandising plan with their supplier and reduce the time taken to track out-of-stocks from 45 hours to 30 mins.

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The ins and outs of inventory

POS data only tells half the story. When a customer can’t buy an item due to an out-of-shelf incident or a clerk miscounts availability, you miss data essential to getting accurate demand forecasting. Make better inventory decisions — and more revenue — with precise on-shelf data.

Every link in the chain

Dashboards provide analytics on SKUs with persistent OOS issues. Discover the optimal upstream actions, from adjusting shelf minimums to changing the forecast for each store.

Always have enough stuff

When you have more SKUs but the same amount of retail space, out-of-stocks rise, leaving fewer items to meet natural demand variations. Trax helps you adjust shelf-holding power for each SKU.   

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Largest Global Supermarket Chain

One of the largest global supermarket chains taps on Trax Retail Watch to obtain greater product availability at End-Caps. They achieved an increase of 7% in planogram compliance and a 10% reduction in out-of-shelf instances.

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Achieve eCommerce excellence

Don’t let a customer click an item you can’t deliver. Up to 30% of online grocery orders are missing items due to disconnects between shelf and ecommerce data. Trax provides accurate availability data so you can delight customers with perfect deliveries and pick-ups.

No more in-store letdowns

With frequent inventory scans, you can provide a surprise-free experience for shoppers who check for item availability on your website, before heading to your retail store.

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Inventory and availability optimization solution for retail

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Trax Retail Watch - Real-Time Shelf Monitoring System

Our real-time shelf-monitoring and analytics platform reveals what’s happening in the aisles so you...

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Lee Barwin

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Ariel Sternfine

Director, Product Marketing, Retail

For a deep dive on ROI and the key use cases of availability, price integrity, supply chain and ecommerce speak with Ariel.


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