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Powered by the industry’s leading Computer Vision technology, Trax Retail Execution is the ultimate in-store-execution solution for consumer-goods companies.

Trax Retail Execution

Make sure every product is in the perfect place at every store — all the time. Trax Retail Execution uses advanced image-recognition technology and deep-learning algorithms to digitize the shelf and maximize sales.

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Losses from sub-par execution

CPG companies lose 4% of sales, on average, to poor in-store execution and compliance. And their store checks are slow, incomplete, inexact, and expensive.

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Computer Vision solutions

Our breakthrough technology provides a transparent, real-time evaluation of in-store conditions. Shelf data and analytics reveal execution deficiencies and suggest solutions.

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Increase sales by up to 5%

Trax Retail Execution prioritizes tasks across all your stores and provides big-picture insights you can use to create the perfect sales environment.

How it works

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“Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities.”

  • Joao Donato, Senior IT Business Partner
  • Molson Coors

Empower your field force

Install a shortcut to perfection in every rep’s mobile device. Our intuitive app spots shelf mistakes human eyes can miss, then provides precise instructions for how to fix execution errors.

Accelerate audits

Speed up audits by 60%. Our app compares the real to the ideal in seconds, giving reps a lot more time to sell.

Prioritize profitable tasks

Trax automatically focuses on the tasks most important for your KPIs (i.e. shelf share, Perfect Store scores, planogram compliance, etc.)

trax retail execution

“Trax brings (all stakeholders) into the real world so that we have visibility into what’s happening in the market in real-time.”

  • Andreas Triantafyllidis, National Field Sales Manager
  • Unilever

Find and fix underperformers

Identify which sales reps and retail locations are falling behind expectations. Photos provide objective references of store conditions. Analytics reveal how well they benchmark. And insights give you the knowledge you need to elevate their performance.

Get every store up to spec

Check stores’ contract compliance on every visit and use photo-based data to monitor progress over time. Frontline teams can share intel with clients to improve conditions together.

Train super-sellers

Build a championship sales team. Base your KPI evaluations and coaching efforts on photographic performance data gathered from actual stores. Then, tie compensation to execution quality.

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“Trax has helped us drive our perfect store program to the tip of everybody's tongue.”

  • Mark Jagger, Head of Commercial and Business Operations International

Know (almost) everything

See how small shelf details add up to a big picture of execution performance. Aggregate data from across the country or drill down on a single SKU. Customized dashboards give each stakeholder the insights needed to optimize their department.

Analytics you need to succeed

Benchmark performance against competitors; examine KPIs per category, region, or account; integrate data from your EPOS or loyalty program. Our data meets all your needs.

Why Trax Retail Execution?

A war is being waged on shelves, and a sub-optimal strategy will lose you territory. Arm yourself with the CPG industry’s most comprehensive execution tools to grow your shelf, your share, and your revenue.

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Fuel category growth

Trax Retail Execution uplifts a category’s sales by 3–5%. That’s why we’re trusted by the world's largest brands.

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Industry-leading SKU recognition

Our Computer Vision technology provides consistently accurate in-store data, which leads to revenue-driving insights.

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Over a billion items monthly

Because our database has more products than anyone else, our technology is smarter, and our capabilities are ready to scale to any size.

Commonly asked questions

Our team is here to help. One of our CPG experts would love to answer your Trax Retail Execution questions.

How accurate is the image recognition?

Trax is the industry leader in IR for retail. We commit to a 95% accuracy level, but for most products and categories, it’s even higher.

Is human validation used?

The algorithm starts a new project with 90% accuracy and improves to 96% over the first few months thanks to human validation. Humans continue to quality check to control for packaging updates.

How hard is it to implement Trax Retail Execution?

A dedicated Project Manager and Analyst make setup, launch, and stabilization painless. To create your image database, we use your existing library and we can even build it from scratch.

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