Category Management - Become your category buyer’s preferred partner

Use powerful shelf analytics to spot trends, identify new competitors, improve category management strategy, and drive growth.

Understand your category dynamics

Measure your brands’ performance in relation to the competition and gain an overview of assortment optimization, procurement processes, and category management processes.

Master category resets

Understand how the last reset has impacted your products and brands, identify opportunities to increase the number of unique SKUs, and use metrics to plan the next successful reset.

Be a category hero

IR-powered shelf data and analytics help you understand how you stack up against the competition in your product category, enabling you to quickly move to capture your rival’s share. You’ll reach your business goals faster when you can effectively monitor category performance and make sure the right products are on the right shelf!

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Understand your category dynamics

The benefits of category management are substantial. Trax empowers your category management team to really understand customer needs and see how your brand performs compared to competitors.

You’ll also be empowered to optimize supplier relationships and strategic sourcing, monitor spend categories, and create an impactful category plan.

 An image of success 

Images captured- by manufacturers’ field forces, 3rd-party auditors, shoppers, Trax Flexforce, or Trax’s in-store cameras- are analyzed by Trax’s Computer Vision Platform, giving you granular KPIs with SKU-level data points. Going forward, you’ll be confident that inventory management, procurement strategies, and decision-making are always driven by data!

Empower your category buyer

Leverage our analytical tools and insights about category adjacencies to build cross-category recommendations. Help your category buyer identify ideal pairings for new products, avoid supply chain issues, and create a best-in-class shopping experience. You be able grow your category in-store with a strategic approach, whether in a small business or large retailer.

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Master category resets

Help your category management team find out how your competitors perform on shelf, get insights into their shelf and pricing strategy, benchmark your shelf KPIs and prices, and get alerts when new players are entering the category and eating up share of shelf.

Become a trusted advisor 

Combine shelf & imported ePOS data to understand the growth drivers of your category. Bring these impactful insights to the table and become a valued contributor in any interaction with a buyer, procurement team, business unit, or internal stakeholder.

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Top FMCG Brand
  • Regional Trade Marketing Manager

As a result of the tremendous success of the Trax pilot, we are rolling out our perfect store initiative to the entire region. (Our) teams are able to react faster, with gaps identified and action plans released within 48 hours, translating into improved execution and sales growth.

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Innovative solutions designed for category management teams

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Become your category buyer’s preferred partner with shelf intelligence

Trax Category Excellence gives you a better understanding of your brands’ performance in relation...

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Othilie Nicod

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Tamas Lupkovics

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