Innovative Retail Supply Chain Automation

See exactly when products move off shelves to better predict and manage inventory.

Craft a better forecast

Blend shelf availability and
sales trends to accurately
calculate demand.

Make inventory an
exact science

Develop an allocation system based on real-time data from each store.

Just-right replenishment

It’s time to create a leaner supply chain that doesn’t fail customers.

Fully optimize the flow of goods

Reduce overstocks to prevent wastage; reduce out-of-stocks to improve customer experience. Intelligent tools ensure you always have the right amount.

cpg flow

Craft a better forecast

When a customer can’t find a product on the shelf, it’s more than just a missed sale. It also misinforms demand-forecasting models, which are based on POS patterns. Get a fuller picture of demand and create a better forecast by adding on-shelf-availability data.

Monitor shelf health over time

Inventory forecasts predict trends based on seasonality, promotions, and even weather. But these inputs alone can’t provide accurate measures compared to a model that also uses real-time product-availability data.

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Major US Retailer
  • Senior Manager

With the proliferation of cameras in our enterprise, Computer Vision will transform retail significantly over the next few years by bringing visibility to store level execution of promotions and supply chain planning. After working with many of the larger ISVs without success, we found a partner in Trax who will help us build a complete solution.

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Make inventory an exact science

Stay one step ahead of demand surges so they don’t overwhelm your inventory. By combining real-time OSA data with your understanding of local demographics, you can tailor allocations to each store’s specific day-to-day needs.

Real-time analytics reveal root causes

Dashboards show which SKUs, in which areas, and in which stores have the most out-of-stock instances and facing errors, empowering managers to identify patterns and address systemic issues.

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Just-right replenishment

Inventory and sales data only tell half the story. Make more-exact estimates of how many products to order — and when — by incorporating real-world shelf conditions into your data set.

Uncover sell-through opportunities

Protect cash flow by improving your sell-through rate. Trax’s insights reveal optimization opportunities. Find the best time of day to replenish an SKU or discover how promotions affect inventory. 

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Innovative solution designed for supply-chain teams

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trax retail watch
Trax Retail Watch - Real-Time Shelf Monitoring System

Our real-time shelf-monitoring and analytics platform reveals what’s happening in the aisles so you...

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Lee Barwin

Lee Barwin

Director, Retail Marketing

Fueled by shelf digitization, today’s grocery is becoming agile, personalized and convenient for shoppers; find out what this means for your retail stores by talking with Lee.

Ariel Sternfine

Ariel Sternfine

Director, Product Marketing, Retail

For a deep dive on ROI and the key use cases of availability, price integrity, supply chain and ecommerce speak with Ariel.


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