Innovative retailers use Trax to enhance operations,cut costs, and drive bigger baskets.

Keep inventory and shelf availability at optimal levels

Monitor shelves in real-time to prevent gaps and improve your demand forecasts. Read More

Stick to the plan and
stay compliant

Run promotions as planned and ensure every product is at the right place, at the right price. Read More

Boost workforce productivity

Automatically alert staff to in-store errors and supplement your team with on-demand labor where and when needed. Read More

Make online orders
awesome for everyone

Give eCommerce customers what they want and make picking more efficient for fulfilment staff. Read More

Improve foot traffic and amplify incremental revenue

Incentivize a new market of keen, loyal shoppers to visit stores and supersize their baskets. Read More

Drive smarter retail with automated shelf data

Trax transforms brick-and-mortar stores with Computer Vision and big data. By digitizing real-world store conditions and applying powerful algorithms to stocking, execution, and merchandising, we optimize operations. The proven results: happier shoppers, significant cost savings, and much more revenue.

improperly sorted shelf

Stock and awe

No more misplaced products, missing tags, or facing errors. Get alerts to quickly fix gaps, then use the availability data to improve supply chains and increase inventory efficiency.

  • Automatically detect out-of-stocks
  • Prevent inventory and shelf-stocking discrepancies
  • Match online store to offline reality
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ensure the right price

Precise prices & perfect displays

Get a real-time view of store conditions. Ensure that prices match products, promotions match plans and shelves match planograms.

  • Fix incorrect and missing prices
  • Maximize promotions compliance
  • Match reality to planograms
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Retail Store Staff standing next to Trax robot

Automated alerts and
on-demand experts

Give staff more time to help customers. Trax’s cameras and notification system speed up shelf scans and corrections, while our Flexforce offers helping hands during times of high demand.

  • Fill labor gaps with on-demand workers
  • Reduce time wasted on store walks
  • Benefit from automated task management
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customer shopping

Fulfill online shoppers’ every desire

No more grumpy customers forced to settle for substitutions or missing items! We match online stores to in-store reality and make the picking process more efficient for your team.

  • Optimize online with accurate inventory
  • Map the perfect picking routes
  • Show shoppers what’s in stock
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Loyal legions of shoppers

Our location-based Shopkick app rewards repeat visits and overflowing shopping carts. Customers get an addictively fun, gamified experience. You get a new cohort of customers.

  • Build long-term loyalty
  • Incentivize incremental spending
  • Collect actionable, first-party data
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Something for everyone

Every department works smarter with shelf-level intelligence. Find out how Trax’s Computer Vision technology, automated execution tools, and data-led insights can help your team.

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Store operations

Help store staff reach peak performance.

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Supply chain

The right products at the right time in the right store.

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Enchant and engage with new and existing customers.

Handsome man with laptop and credit card at home, portrait.

Fulfil the promise of perfect online shopping.

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