Brand Trade Marketing - Influence at Point of Purchase

Improve compliance, champion new products, outfox competitors
and ignite demand.

Promotion execution

Ensure your brand stands out with the right in-store promotions.

Perfect first impression

Verify that new products are on shelves fast and look fresh.

Infuse campaigns with insights

Spot market trends and competitors’ moves to sharpen your campaigns.

Be the best-looking brand

Activate new products and promotions in the right stores at the right times. Make sure displays are shipshape, then test and iterate for maximum effect.

trax retail solution

Are your brands being cared for?

It’s typical for 50% of promotional displays to be out of compliance — 22% with incorrect pricing, 15% with OOSs. Get a real-time view of execution to make quick corrections and energize your brands’ performance.

See what consumers see

Receive insights as consumers interact with products, not weeks later in post-promotion reports.

Consistency is key

Benchmark in-store marketing performance across multiple criteria at numerous outlets to understand each store’s relative performance. Then partner with retailers on improvement plans.

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Major Branded Foods Manufacturer
  • Sales Finance Manager

With tighter budgets and fewer resources, we've leveraged this solution to improve execution on promotions, keep our products on-shelf and increase sales without increasing spend.

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perfect first impression

Perfect first impression

Your amazing new product is fighting for shelf space with thousands of CPG goods launched each year. Set your launch up for success by getting it onto shelves at the right time and displayed to perfection.

Speed the time-to-shelf

Find out when seasonal items hit shelves at each store, then prompt slow retailers to honor your agreements.

View debut performances

Gain visibility into your new product’s placement and pricing, then watch how it performs against competitors on the shelf.

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IT business partner
Joao Donato
  • Senior IT Business Partner
  • Molson Coors

Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities.

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campaign with insights

Infuse campaigns with insights

Combine shelf data with EPOS data to uncover mew insights. Our category-intelligence tools have been created in partnership with Nielsen, the world’s leading market-measurement firm.

Get to know your neighbors 

Discover which products are competing with you for shelf space and plan how to battle back against rivals.

Hit the right stores

In which outlets are you overperforming? In which are you losing share? See shelf dynamics in action to develop account-specific marketing plans.

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Innovative solutions designed for trade-marketing teams

retail snapshot
Retail Snapshot banner
Trax Retail Snapshot

Measuring launches and promotions execution is easier with Trax Retail Snapshot. Our crowdsourced solution...

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shelf pulse
Shelf Pulse
Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen

Combine shelf and EPOS data to optimize your category strategies, outsmart competitors, and get...

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Othilie Nicod

Othilie Nicod

SVP, Product Marketing CPG

As SVP Product Marketing for CPG solutions, Othilie is your go-to person for any question about our solutions and capabilities for CPG companies.

Tamas Lupkovics

Tamas Lupkovics

Director of CPG Solutions

As the Director for CPG Product Management, Tamas oversees all components of the Trax CPG platform, including mobile, web and BI.

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Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies pay retailers substantial fees to be in store, improve placement and run promotions. These slotting, display and pay-to-stay fees can quickly add up, impacting your bottom line. In an earlier blog, we discussed how, to achieve ROI on these costs, CPGs must ensure that they get the space they pay for and secure the best possible execution outcomes.

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