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Refine your execution, realize your Perfect Store, and reinforce your field force.

Elevate in-store execution

Immediately see subpar shelves and quickly fix facings.

Perfect your shelf

Improve retail compliance at every store to maximize sales.

Merchandising manpower

Deploy on-demand labor
to nimbly react to
dynamic conditions.

Our secret recipe for
commercial excellence

Leading CPG companies are finding new ways to boost revenue with Trax’s insightful shelf data, real-time execution tools, and on-demand labor.

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Elevate in-store execution

Use up-to-date data captured at the shelf and analyzed in the cloud to improve availability, shorten store audits, reduce human error, and focus more of your sales team’s time on selling.

Data-led to-dos

Help field forces meet targets. Our algorithms identify the execution tasks most vital to your KPIs and prioritize the most-urgent fixes.

Confirm causes of OOSs

Increase sales by up to 5%. When sales reps record why OOSs occur, headquarters can make systemic fixes that uplift sales across stores.

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Perfect your shelf

It used to be impossible to see how well reps were performing and how accurately retailers were complying with contracts. With photo-driven data, you can monitor — at micro and macro levels — what’s happening on shelves.

Empower performance

Help reps succeed in their negotiations by providing coaching and training targeted at their accounts’ specific needs.

Audit agreements  

Whether reviewing launches, promotions, or prices, our eyes-in-the-store reports provide objective data for ensuring retailer compliance.

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Coca-Cola Amatil

Coca-Cola Amatil Australia used competitor insights to increase market share​ by 5% and saw an increase in annual sales opportunities of $6M.

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Merchandising manpower

Trax has over 1.4 million expert retail reps across America. This on-demand labor can get shelves stocked and promotions displayed at a day’s notice, allowing you to make nimble merchandising decisions.

Extend your team 

Expand coverage to new regions and store types. Our flexible workforce complements your team by completing tasks that are inefficient for permanent staff to do.

Elastic labor for dynamic demand

It’s impractical to hire for huge surges then downsize when tides ebb. Our on-demand solution allows you to complete short-term projects effectively and efficiently.

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Innovative solutions designed for sales teams

Our products and solutions can help you excel in your sales management business processes.

Trax Retail Execution
trax retail execution
Trax Retail Execution

Powered by the industry’s leading Computer Vision technology, Trax Retail Execution is the ultimate...

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shelf fix
shelf fix
Trax Shelf Fix - Quick On-shelf Solutions

Use a mobile app to quickly see if items are missing from shelves and...

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dynamic merchandising
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Dynamic merchandising is smart, fast, and flexible

We’ve combined our Computer Vision and machine learning platforms with a scalable, nationwide workforce—available...

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Othilie Nicod

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Tamas Lupkovics

Director of CPG Solutions

As the Director for CPG Product Management, Tamas oversees all components of the Trax CPG platform, including mobile, web and BI.

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