Sales Management

Reinforce your field force, double-down on compliance and take merchandising to the next level.

Monitor and improve field team performance

Identify and rectify cross-team or individual challenges that are contributing to executional gaps.

Collaborate for better compliance

Gain visibility into how your agreements are executed in-store and use data to build a symbiotic relationship with your retailer clients.

Merchandising when and where it counts

Deploy on-demand labor to nimbly react to dynamic conditions.

Our secret recipe for
commercial excellence

Leading CPG companies are finding new ways to boost revenue with Trax’s suite of computer vision & AI enabled, retail execution and on-demand labor solutions.

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Smarter decisions at the shelf

Data derived from images taken at the shelf give sales managers visibility into store conditions and empowers field teams to make more informed decisions with speed and at scale.  

  •  Make sure your core products are on shelf 
  • Claim your fair share of shelf space 
  • Uncover the root causes for out-of-stocks 
  • Track distribution for every SKU in every store
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Collaborate for better compliance

Provide key account, category, and trade marketing teams with accurate visibility on how trade agreements are being executed in stores. 

Granular visibility 

With photo driven data, you can understand compliance processes both at the macro, retailer level, right down to the micro, store-level and make targeted decisions for every account. 

 A win-win situation 

Share meaningful analytics and insights into the compliance process with your retailer partners and foster a collaborative relationship that fuels category growth and results in mutual success. 

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Coca-Cola Amatil

Coca-Cola Amatil Australia used competitor insights to increase market share​ by 5% and saw an increase in annual sales opportunities of $6M.

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Fast, flexible merchandising

Our nationwide on-demand workforce powered by Trax AI facilitates over 100,000 store visits per month from mass to convenience stores.

Extend reach, increase efficiency 

 We complement your existing field force, making it economical to cover underserved regions. Increase your team’s focus by allocating specific operational tasks to Trax. 

 Elastic is fantastic 

 Your labor demands grow and shrink by the day. Our Flexforce fills the gaps when you have medium-term projects, like modernizing your merchandising model. Or they can be quickly deployed to respond to unexpected surges.

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Innovative solutions designed for sales teams

Our products and solutions can help you excel in your sales management business processes.

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Empower your field force to make smart decisions in-store and at shelf

Trax Field Optimizer empowers sales reps and merchandisers with real-time, computer vision-powered shelf insights....

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Gain visibility into how your trade agreements are executed in store

Trax Contract Compliance provides your key account, category, and trade marketing teams with an...

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dynamic merchandising
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Dynamic merchandising is smart, fast, and flexible

We’ve combined our Computer Vision and machine learning platforms with a scalable, nationwide workforce—available...

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Tamas Lupkovics

Tamas Lupkovics

Head of Product, CPG Solutions

As Head of Product, CPG Solutions, Tamas oversees all components of the Trax CPG platform, including mobile, web and BI.

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