Become your category buyer’s preferred partner with shelf intelligence

Trax Category Excellence gives you a better understanding of your brands’ performance in relation to the competition for assortment optimization, innovation planning and overall category growth. Import your ePOS data to identify sales drivers, sharpen your retail buyer story, and become trusted advisors to clients.

Trax Category Excellence

Trax Category Excellence provides your category teams with powerful shelf analytics for deeper category insights and trends. An extensive range of analytics helps you spot trends, identify new competitors, and drive growth across your categories.

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Capture your shelf reality

Images are captured by manufacturers’ field forces, 3rd-party auditors, Shoppers, Trax Flexforce, or Trax’s in-store cameras.

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Gain 20/20 computer vision

We are giving new meaning to the word visibility. Trax’s Computer Vision platform analyzes the images and generates accurate & granular KPIs with SKU-level data points.

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Become a trusted advisor

Become a valued contributor in any client interaction with actionable insights delivered through mobile or desktop.

How it works

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Get insights, benchmark your shelf KPIs, and plan for success.

Understand your category dynamics

Help your category management team understand how your brands as well as your competitors’ brands are performing, and surface insights to build the best planogram recommendations for your category buyer.

Empower your category buyer

With Trax Category Excellence’s insights about category adjacencies, your category team can build cross-category recommendations and help your category buyer recommend ideal pairings, create a better shopping experience, and grow your category in-store.

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"Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities"

  • Route-to-market manager
  • AB Inbev

Stay ahead of the competition

With Trax Category Excellence, help your category team find out how your competitors perform on shelf, get insights into their shelf and pricing strategy, benchmark your shelf KPIs and prices versus theirs and get alerts when new players are entering the category and eating up share of shelf.

Master category resets

Understand how the last reset has impacted your products and brands, identify opportunities to increase the number of unique SKUs, and plan the next reset for success.


Why Trax Category Excellence?

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Leverage category-wide insights

Leverage category-wide insights to make category-level recommendations and gain category captaincies.

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Gain unparalleled visibility

Get visibility into category adjacencies to support your category buyers in their internal recommendations.

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Understand what matters most

Combine shelf & imported ePOS data to understand the growth drivers of your category.

Susan Garret
Susan Garrett
  • Team Lead Dog MM Category Insights, Pet Nutrition North America
  • Mars Petcare

Really truly understanding what happened at retail and having impactful conversation with our retailers to drive our goals and our principles at shelf to grow their category is a really helpful tool and we get this all from Trax.

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