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Measuring launches and promotions execution is easier with Trax Retail Snapshot. Our crowdsourced solution — the Trax Crowd — provides an accurate assessment of what’s actually in stores.

Trax Retail Snapshot

Get a shopper’s-eye view of your displays. Trax Retail Snapshot is a rapid, cost-effective way to see how good your execution really is… or isn’t.

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Underperforming promotions

Only 34% of retail promotions provide a positive ROI. Boost performance by accurately benchmarking execution at the store level.

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Real-time feedback

Same-day, store-level photos and reports are delivered to your dashboard so you can immediately improve campaigns.

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More objective, more efficient

See up to 8% improvement in display-execution performance by using transparent crowdsourced data from an unbiased source.

How it works

See how well shelves and promotions are executed over time. The Trax Crowd rapidly delivers valuable insights from as many locations as you want — exactly when you need them most.

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"Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities"

  • Route-to-market manager
  • AB Inbev

Act fast to maximize trade-spend ROI

Is the display available in the ad-break-window period? Is the promotion clearly marked? Monitor your pricing and promotional execution then compare it against the competition to see what drives sales. Spot some problems? You can correct gaps during the current cycle to rescue your ROI.

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"Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities"

  • Route-to-market manager
  • AB Inbev

Get insight into specific store configurations

Trax Retail Snapshot is your window into the store, whether you want to know how many checkout lanes there are or how a specific sub-category flows. We map the presence and location of in-store equipment — including specialty accessories like coolers — to ensure the right gear is at the right place at the right time.

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"With tighter budgets and fewer resources, we've leveraged this solution to improve execution on promotions, keep our products on-shelf, and increase sales without increasing spend."

  • Sales Finance Manager
  • Major US Branded Foods Manufacturer

Power launches

Set the stage for successful new-product launches. See the real-world conditions of stores to identify potential hurdles. Then use the photos and data to better strategize with retailers.

Why Trax Retail Snapshot?

Take a data-led, performance-focused approach to merchandising. With always-up-to-date data collected from thousands of locations, Trax Retail Snapshot empowers you to quantify store conditions.

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The need for speed

Get execution data within 24 to 48 hours of launching a promotion or product so you can fix issues ASAP.

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See what shoppers see

Real-time data and traceable images provide objective evidence of stores that are out of compliance.

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See more, pay less

Dramatically reduce the cost of store checks while expanding coverage across all your markets.

Commonly asked questions

Our team is here to help. One of our CPG experts would love to answer your Trax Retail Snapshot questions.

How do I start using Trax Retail Snapshot?

To start, please provide the SKUs and displays to track, the retailers to visit, and the frequency at which you want reports. Responses and photos are delivered within 24–48 hours of store visits.

Who is collecting the images from the stores?

Photos are taken by the Trax Crowd — 500,000 auditors in the U.S. This crowdsourced workforce rapidly covers as many stores as you need, providing mystery-shopper visibility at an unprecedented scale.

What KPIs can I track?

Standard KPIs tracked by Trax Retail Snapshot include on-shelf availability, out-of-stocks, and display compliance. Contact our CPG experts to learn how we create bespoke KPIs that match your needs.

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