Gain visibility into how your trade agreements are executed in store

Trax Contract Compliance provides your key account, category, and trade marketing teams with accurate visibility on how trade agreements are being executed in stores.

Allow your teams to share meaningful analytics and insights into the compliance process with your retailer partners, in order to foster a collaborative relationship, stimulate mutual success, and fuel category growth.

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Trax Contract Compliance

Gain visibility into how your agreements are executed in store, build improvement recommendations, and shape a collaborative relationship with your retailer clients.

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Ensure your contracts are properly implemented

Capture unbiased shelf data to find out whether each store has the right assortment and the right space.

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Monitor promotions up to the store level

Leverage shelf data to discuss promotion execution and performance and inform follow-up decisions and action plans with retailers and stores.

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Keep your eye on the price

Leverage account- and store-level price data to understand if your products are priced at the expected level in each point of sale.

How it works

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Find the gaps so they can be fixed - fast.

Understand gaps and drive the right action plan for each client

Trax Contract Compliance helps your key account managers identify the main drivers of non-compliance for their clients up to the store level and decide on the action plan to be recommended during business and range reviews.


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Understand price compliance trends by channel, retailer, and category - plus, track those trends over time.

Keep an eye on the price tags

Trax Contract Compliance helps your trade marketing team find out whether your price reductions have made it to each shelf, so you can make the most of each promotional dollar spent.

Using our account- and outlet-level price data, you can understand if you products are priced at the expected level at each point of sale.

Why Trax Contract Compliance?


An end-to-end solution

Trax Contract Compliance is an end-to-end solution designed for key account and trade marketing professionals.

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Superior price recognition

Trax's computer vision-based price recognition technology makes it easy to monitor prices.

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A flexible solution

Trax Contract Compliance is designed to accommodate frequent KPI target changes.

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We’ve seen a huge improvement in our execution AND the quality of the data and insights that we can get to since introducing Trax.

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