Innovative Marketing Tools to Reward Customer Loyalty

Reach new shoppers and incentivize ongoing loyalty without eroding margins.

Better for brands

Increase brand equity by encouraging full-price purchases.

Interactive experiences

Stay connected throughout the shopping journey.

Pay for performance

Only pay for verifiable interactions with target audiences.

Reach out and reward

With Trax’s Shopkick app, CPG companies can boost engagement, incentivize loyalty, and drive incremental spending with rewards, not discounts.

Trax’s Shopkick app

Better for brands

The Shopkick app uses reward points (called “kicks”) that are redeemable for gift cards instead of discounts. This encourages customers to buy products at full price, preserving brand equity.

Be irresistible

Kicks are earned by watching in-app videos, scanning products in store aisles and purchasing in person or online. Consumers begin to favor the brands that reward them.

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Leading Laundry Detergent Brand

Shopkick curated engaging in-app content to reach consumers at home and build product awareness before their visit to the store. Once in store, Shopkick used rewards-based kick incentives to guide shoppers to the product at shelf, direct attention away from competing brands, and drive consideration in the aisle.

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Interactive experiences

By rewarding interactions throughout the shopping journey, our omnichannel platform allows you to tell your brand story at every step, from awareness through to consumption.

A pick-up is worth a thousand words

Even great ad campaigns have a tough time influencing shopping habits. Shopkick provides a perfect solution for getting new products into customers’ hands
and carts.

See for yourself
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Pay for performance

Shopkick is one line on your marketing budget that’s easy to justify. You only pay for verified engagement, so you’ll know exactly how much ROI you get from your investment before the campaign even starts.

Evolve your campaign with data

See how the ads and incentives that shoppers view affect the likelihood they’ll make a purchase, then adjust your program accordingly.

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The solution designed for progressive shopper-marketing teams

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App-based rewards for shoppers who interact with your marketing and products.

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Othilie Nicod

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Tamas Lupkovics

Tamas Lupkovics

Director of CPG Solutions

As the Director for CPG Product Management, Tamas oversees all components of the Trax CPG platform, including mobile, web and BI.

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