Gamify the Customer Experience with Shopper Marketing Tools

Get more from your advertising spend and use experiential advertising solutions to reward customers.

Why You Need Shopper Marketing

Maintain your brand affinity

Win with rewards. Ditch discounts.

Experiential moments

Create shopper moments that will be remembered.

Pay for performance

You pay when we perform. Simply put.

Reach out and reward

With Trax’s shopper engagement app, Shopkick, CPG brands can boost engagement, drive incremental spend and incentivize loyalty – all through rewards, not discounts.

Trax’s Shopkick app

Maintain brand affinity

Shopkick uses reward points called kicks that are redeemable for gift cards, so you never have to discount your products. This encourages customers to buy products at full price, preserving your brand.​​

How it works

There is an abundance of kick earning opportunities for consumers, including watching in-app videos, walking into stores, scanning products in-store, shopping online or purchasing product in-store.

In turn, consumers begin to favor the brands that they are being rewarded for. Shopkick users will move away from their go-to brand and try a new product 87% of the time if they can earn kicks for doing so.

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Leading Laundry Detergent Brand

Shopkick curated engaging in-app content to reach consumers at home and build product awareness before their visit to the store. Once in store, Shopkick used rewards-based kick incentives to guide shoppers to the product at shelf, direct attention away from competing brands, and drive consideration in the aisle.

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Interactive experiences

Experiences drive customer behavior, especially for long-term interaction. Shopkick provides the ability to engage with customers outside of a transactional mindset and instead create a lifetime loyalist.

Through gamified and personalized experiences like in-store scavenger hunts, interactive quizzes, buy now earning opportunities, geo-targeted push notifications and more, Shopkick knows how to target your future customers’ with interactions they will keep them coming back for more.

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Pay for performance

Using Shopkick’s solutions, you only pay when consumers are engaging with your products, therefore you can easily calculate your ROI. Talk about a win/win for your reporting and budgeting.

Evolve your campaign with data

​To ensure engagement, Shopkick uses proprietary measures to incentivize consumers This means we don’t award the same amount of kicks to every customer. For example, if there’s a high likelihood of purchase, we’ll decrease kick earning amounts, but if there’s a low likelihood, we incentives with higher kick earning amounts.

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