30 of the top 50 consumer-goods companies worldwide trust Traxto drive brand and category growth.

Translate retail strategy into superior execution with AI

Realize the Picture of Success at every outlet. We make auditing fast and easy while providing invaluable shelf insights from each store visit. Read More

Work with retail partners to get compliance right

Improve assortment, price, promotion, and time-to-shelf compliance to get what you paid for. Read More

Use category intelligence to strengthen retailer relationships

Understand how shelf conditions affect sales, stay ahead of category and competitor trends, and recommend winning strategies. Read More

Build brand loyalty throughout the shopping journey

Make it fun for consumers to engage with marketing content, pick up products, and make purchases. Build loyalty without breaking the bank. Read More

Shelf empowerment for CPG

Trax transforms shelf data into revenue opportunities. See how to perfect execution, optimize promotions, and outsmart competition. We even have on-demand workers for your merchandising needs and an army of loyal consumers ready to shop.

Supermarket worker holding a tablet standing in front of a shelf

Elevate your in-store execution

Get store-level shelf data in seconds to make more efficient use of field reps and merchandisers. Our Computer Vision solutions make it easy to perfect in-store execution and track performance.

  • Fix shelves in the here and now
  • Meet your Perfect Store standards
  • Incentivize reps on execution performance
  • Increase coverage with on-demand labor
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Special offer promotions on supermarket shelves

Getting compliance right

Ensure shop shelves and promotional displays match agreements made with retailers. Assortments or activations, product launches or strategic price discounts — you’ll know when retailers don’t meet your expectations.

  • Optimize new product launches
  • Run more effective promotions
  • Avoid incorrect in-store pricing
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Win territory for your category

Get a 360-degree view of the dynamics and trends within your category to quickly respond to change. Your retailer customers will love your data-fueled insights. Your competitors will envy your mastery of the shelf.

  • Receive intel on your competitors’ strategies
  • Be the captain of your category and influence resets
  • Build customized planograms the easy way
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Access and engage new shoppers

Reach dedicated shoppers with a fun rewards program that incentivizes them to watch your videos, scanning your items and make purchases.

  • Reward consumers at home, on the go, and at shelf
  • Protect brand equity by eschewing discounts
  • Gain insights on the impact of your marketing
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Making your job easier

Our technology is built to solve your problems. We can cut your costs, drive your revenue, impress your clients, and — most importantly — make your boss adore you.

Mother using smartphone to pay for purchases in store

Your secret weapon for closing deals

customer viewing products
Category Management

Become a trusted category captain

Graphs on a laptop screen
Trade Marketing

Better data for bigger ROI

Friendly sales woman offering delicious cookies at the bakery section to male customer
Shopper Marketing

All new ways to engage customers


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Building and measuring your Perfect Store strategy

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