Simplify and Perfect Promotion Compliance

The easy way to ensure every price, product, and promotion is perfect.

Planogram to perfection

Fuss-free solutions for keeping aisles on-plan, all the time.

Ensure the price is right

Our AI-powered cameras instantly spot incorrect price tags.

Profit from
precise promotions

Drive more revenue with superior display compliance.

Take the complexity
out of compliance

Your stores are huge. Your POGs, prices, and promos change daily. Your team can’t spot every error. So we’ve made it easy to see and fix inaccuracies.

take the complexity out of compliance

Everything according to planogram

Ensuring every aisle complies with ever-changing planograms might seem impossible. We’re here to help with Computer Vision solutions. Grocers see up to a 9.2% increase in sales just by getting products in the right place!

Make the ideal real

Some compliance gaps are tough to spot: missing items, extra items, facings that have been moved horizontally. Trax compares planogram data with a “realogram” — the live state of your shelves — to alert staff on what needs fixing. 


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Major US Retailer
  • Senior Manager

With the proliferation of cameras in our enterprise, Computer Vision will transform retail significantly over the next few years by bringing visibility to store level execution of promotions and supply chain planning. After working with many of the larger ISVs without success, we found a partner in Trax who will help us build a complete solution.

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ensure the right price

Ensure the price is right

Mispriced goods have bad effects on profitability. But with a high number of SKUs and high frequency of re-pricings, it’s impossible to avoid mistakes when checking manually. Use Trax’s Computer Vision solutions to reduce errors by up to 70%.

Detect and correct

Every minute of every day, our cameras compare displayed prices with your POS prices. When an anomaly is spotted, alerts are sent to staff so they can fix it before a shopper is misled.

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Largest Global Supermarket Chain

One of the largest global supermarket chains taps on Trax Retail Watch to obtain greater product availability at End-Caps. They achieved an increase of 7% in planogram compliance and a 10% reduction in out-of-shelf instances.

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lower price tag

Profit from precise promotions

Promotions make baskets — and revenue — bigger. Nearly 75% of shoppers who visit for a promo end up buying full-price products, too. And up to 30% of an average store’s revenue comes from promoted items. That’s why it’s essential campaigns are on-time and on-plan.

Public displays of perfection

Exactly match displays and availability to the promo plans. Then, share compliance insights to fix problems and manage supplier expectations.

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Price, promotions, and planogram-compliance solutions for retail

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trax retail watch
Trax Retail Watch - Real-Time Shelf Monitoring System

Our real-time shelf-monitoring and analytics platform reveals what’s happening in the aisles so you...

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Lee Barwin

Lee Barwin

Director, Retail Marketing

Fueled by shelf digitization, today’s grocery is becoming agile, personalized and convenient for shoppers; find out what this means for your retail stores by talking with Lee.

Ariel Sternfine

Ariel Sternfine

Director, Product Marketing, Retail

For a deep dive on ROI and the key use cases of availability, price integrity, supply chain and ecommerce speak with Ariel.


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