Empower your field force to make smart decisions in-store and at shelf

Trax Field Optimizer empowers sales reps and merchandisers with real-time, computer vision-powered shelf insights. Understand where reps stand versus their shelf targets, identify the biggest opportunities to close execution gaps, fix the shelf in every store at every visit, and perform fact-based selling with their customers.

At the headquarters, supervisors and sales managers get access to analytics dashboards to monitor and optimize the execution performance of their field force.

Trax Field Optimizer

Implement faster store checks with better execution, leverage timely data, empower your field teams, and realize higher sell-ins and increase product availability- all with one solution.

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The problem

Inexact, inefficient audits

Product availability is mission-critical. But it’s costly to have store reps manually check each shelf, especially as human eyes often miss execution errors.

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The solution

Real-time data—and action

Trax's computer vision platform analyses shelf images and generates accurate, granular KPIs with SKU-level data points. In store actions are recommended in real-time.

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The impact

Faster audits, more coverage

With Trax Field Optimizer, audits are performed faster so you can reinvest the time gained to expand your store coverage.

How it works

Trax Field Optimizer delivers actionable real-time execution reports to drive the best performance in the field. Within minutes of uploading a shelf photo, your field force understands critical corrective actions to close execution gaps, achieve store targets, and build better customer relationships with every store visit.

retail execution insights

See at a glance whether your products are getting their fair share of space.

Make sure your core products are on shelf

Trax Field Optimizer helps your field reps quickly understand the availability of the core range.

Out-of-stock alerts are generated for your reps to act upon while in front of the shelf. If they are unable to replenish, they can submit an Out-of-stock reason.

Claim your fair share of shelf space

Ensuring that your products are allocated the right amount of space is critical to reaching your sales targets. Trax Field Optimizer gives your reps visibility into your share-of-shelf (linear share-of-shelf and share-of-facings).

This is critical intelligence to ensure that your products are getting their fair share of space compared to the contribution they make to category sales in each store.

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Understand how your field team is performing, where your KPI gaps are, and how these metrics are evolving over time.

Monitor and improve field team performance

Trax Field Optimizer helps supervisors spot execution gaps and understand how each of their team members contribute to these gaps. Cross-team issues and individual challenges alike are brought to the surface with a few clicks.

Uncover root causes for out-of-stocks

Trax Field Optimizer gives supervisors the ability to track the reasons for OOS at scale. Out-of-stock reasons allow them to identify persistent issues at any level across the supply chain and execution cycle.

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Dashboards provide visibility into assortment compliance. Here, you can visualize assortment compliance per store type.

Track your distribution for every SKU in every store

Trax Field Optimizer helps sales operations and sales management teams gain visibility into assortment compliance up to the most granular level: per category, per retailer, per store type, per product hierarchy, per store, per SKU, you name it!

Why Trax Field Optimizer?

Trax Field Optimizer revolutionizes the store visit. Never before has auditing and fixing stocking issues been so quick and precise.

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AI-powered measurement

An AI-powered solution built to consistently measure and improve your in-store execution.

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An out-of-the-box solution

An out-of-the-box solution designed for and with in-store execution professionals.

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An empowered field team

A management solution developed to empower, motivate, and support your field team every day.

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Pedro Duarte
  • Head of Customer Marketing In-Home

We had an immediate benefit. We had cost savings. We stopped using external auditors and reduced our audit costs by 80%. Plus, we increased our store coverage by 60%. And we also observed higher accuracy in the results.

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