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Trax dynamic workforce management

An integrated AI-driven staffing solution providing retailers with real-time demand visibility and a flexible, experienced workforce to solve store issues quickly and at scale.

Dynamic Workforce Management by Trax and Blue Yonder

Trax Flexforce and Blue Yonder come together to solve everyday resource challenges by providing retailers and fulfillment centers with real-time demand visibility, transparency into every shift and a flexible, trained workforce that’s ready and right for the job.

Empty shelves in a grocery store, Hoarding food

Lack of labor, lower satisfaction

Inflexible, linear labor models result in high employee turnover rates, labor supply challenges and empty shelves. The result? Unhappy customers and employees.

Flexible, transparent and data-driven solution

Flexible, transparent and data-driven

Allocate shifts to store staff or Trax Flexforce based on matching algorithms that find the right worker based on performance, experience and workload.

hardware store worker counting stock

Digital workforce, delighted customers

Keep shelves stocked, meet cross-channel demand and reduce delivery times from days to hours without overworking permanent staff.

How it works

By integrating Blue Yonder’s advanced forecasting and scheduling capabilities with Trax Flexforce, a 1.4 million-strong, on-demand retail workforce, Dynamic Workforce Management intelligently connects available employees to open shifts in real-time.

Blue Yonder interface

"Trax gives us real insight into how our products look on-shelf in different retailers and in different regions. We see who else is on-shelf, how it’s placed, and what’s around us."

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Optimized scheduling

Blue Yonder’s advanced scheduling optimization engine handles unique work rule permutations to create optimal, compliant schedules for each location in a single instance of the system.

Play by the rules

Easy-to-set-up scheduling engine helps you define rules based on standard timeframes such as day, week, month or intra-day, and also change rules by country and location to keep up with dynamic labor laws.

Shift work made simple

Ensure consistent and superior service across all of your stores with cross-location scheduling. For example, one drugstore chain uses this feature to schedule their pharmacists across multiple stores to ensure great service during their peak hours.

dynamic merchandising solutions

Trax brings visibility to retail execution as part of our go-to-market strategy.

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Future-thinking merchandising

With 1.4 M experienced retail representatives, Trax Flexforce covers 99.2% of all U.S. retailers, expanding your coverage in an uncompromised way across channels, small format stores and rural areas.

The right man

Proprietary matching algorithms process in-store experience, location, workload and dozens of factors to identify the right person with the right skills for the right merchandising job.

…for any job

Whether you’re looking to make merchandising progressively smarter or want fast support for online order surges, the elasticity of our team means you can solve for your specific issues efficiently

Why Trax Dynamic Workforce Management?

Leverage a huge pool of skilled and flexible talent able to fill shelves, staff curbside pick-up, pick and pack same-day deliveries, and reset in-store merchandising. Create more accurate staffing schedules and increase productivity, all while saving money and time.

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Flexible workforce model

Cost-effective solution to manage high employee turnover and rising training costs

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Wide store coverage for any in-store execution task

1.4M skilled workers available nationwide for any merchandizing and fulfilment activity.

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Transparency and assured performance

Every store visit is tracked, QA checked and scored using nearly 50 metrics to ensure the right job is done — every time

Commonly asked questions

Our team is here to help. One of our experts would love to answer your Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce questions.

Can Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce help me compete with big brands?

Yes! Trax builds targeted, monthly execution plans that analyze inputs such as POS data, variance reporting, and on-shelf conditions. We then prescribe targeted execution requirements to maximize ROI.

Will it work with my existing system?

Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce integrates seamlessly with your execution system. Its API triggers store visits based on events and rules you choose with the Trax account team during the configuration process.

How quickly can Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce be deployed?

The Flexforce can be deployed within hours and will target whichever stores, banners, or regions you specify. Get in touch to discover how the Trax Flexforce can meet your individual needs.

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