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Our nationwide workforce of execution experts is easily scaled, guided by AI insights, and available whenever you need it.

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Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce

We’ve combined our Computer Vision and machine-learning platforms with over a million locally based flex workers. Get urgent last-mile jobs done expertly and economically.

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Lack labor, lose sales

To maximize profits, manufacturers and retailers need to rapidly sort out promotions, assortments, and inventory in stores across the country. But agencies are inflexible, slow, and expensive.

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Fast, flexible, and data-driven

Whenever there’s a new merchandising initiative or gap in compliance, our algorithm chooses the best person for the job. Data-driven task tools ensure high-quality execution.

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Get ROI on every visit

We open new doors for your merchandising strategy. Make real-time, targeted decisions, and see up to a 20% lift in sales and a 25% increase in retail presence.

How it works

AI-powered merchandising from Trax solves any in-store challenge with one fully integrated, full-service solution.

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"Trax identified the highest-volume locations for weekly continuity coverage and maintenance of our product displays."

  • Steve Mair, Director of Sales
  • Califia

On-demand and all over

With ready-to-work merchandising experts located in communities across America, Trax gives you the power to execute wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Extend reach, increase efficiency

We complement your existing field force, making it economical to cover underserved regions. Increase your team’s focus by allocating specific operational tasks to Trax.

Elastic is fantastic

Your labor demands grow and shrink by the day. Our Flexforce fills the gaps when you have medium-term projects, like modernizing your merchandising model. Or they can be quickly deployed to respond to unexpected surges.

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"Trax gives us real insight into how our products look on-shelf in different retailers and in different regions. We see who else is on-shelf, how it’s placed, and what’s around us."

  • Brand Manager
  • Chosen Foods

Future-thinking merchandising

Don’t rely on outdated plans developed from historical data. Use real-time data analyzed by artificial intelligence. Our prioritization and optimization engines ensure the right worker performs the most important merchandising tasks on each visit.

The right person…

Our proprietary algorithms know each Flexforce worker’s location, in-store experience, workload, and dozens of other productivity metrics. We match their skills with your needs to complete each merchandising job to perfection.

…right in time

Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce combines real-time shelf data with your shipment timelines, inventory counts, and marketing plans. Then, we schedule execution tasks like replenishments and POS-display setups with maximum efficiency.

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Trax brings visibility to retail execution as part of our go-to-market strategy.

  • David, VP of Strategy
  • Flying Embers

Feel the impact

Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce reports the impact of completed projects down to the SKU level. See how each hour spent fixing out-of-stocks or unpacking cases affected your KPIs.

Transparent task monitoring

Our Computer Vision platform digitizes every SKU and every in-store action. Each task is accompanied by the photographic inputs so you can see what’s been done and only pay for work completed to spec.

Numbers to crunch

Our shelf data and KPIs can help you measure the value of merchandising actions. Export data as Excel reports or view our intuitive BI dashboard tools. Or integrate our APIs with your third-party and custom software.

Why Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce?

Merchandising agencies don’t give manufacturers the insights they need to elevate their strategy, nor the efficiencies they need to maximize their ROI. Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce offers a better way with fast, flexible, affordable coverage, and data-driven technology.

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Make sales soar

By improving in-store compliance, we uplift sales by 15–20% and increase retail presence by 25%.

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Trust & transparency

See photography and data from store visits to ensure execution excellence. Quality assurance is scored across 50 metrics.

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Identify opportunities

Insightful reports reveal revenue opportunities. Sell more items with fewer out-of-stocks, or uncover the potential for new SKUs.

Commonly asked questions

Our team is here to help. One of our experts would love to answer your Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce questions.

Can Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce help me compete with big brands?

Yes! Trax builds targeted, monthly execution plans that analyze inputs such as POS data, variance reporting, and on-shelf conditions. We then prescribe targeted execution requirements to maximize ROI.

Will it work with my existing system?

Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce integrates seamlessly with your execution system. Its API triggers store visits based on events and rules you choose with the Trax account team during the configuration process.

How quickly can Trax Dynamic Merchandising Powered by Flexforce be deployed?

The Flexforce can be deployed within hours and will target whichever stores, banners, or regions you specify. Get in touch to discover how the Trax Flexforce can meet your individual needs.

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