Optimized and
on-demand labor

Increase productivity with autonomous store checks and
use our Flexforce to solve last-mile problems.

Automatic for your people

Automate shelf scans
and empower staff to close
gaps faster.

Efficient staff, elevated service

Spend less time searching for stockouts and more time
pleasing shoppers.

Scale for sale

Flexforce grows with
your merchandising and budgetary needs.

The smarter way to work

Digitize operations to reduce labor costs and make staff more effective.
Utilize our expert Flexforce for unexpected surges.

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Automatic for your people

It can take up to 300 hours a month to fully scan your store for gaps, price errors, and displaying mistakes. That’s a lot of time that staff could better spend helping customers. That’s why we’ve created a fully automated shelf-scanning system.

Snap to attention

Trax’s combination of shelf-edge, dome, and robotic cameras track shelf conditions and immediately alert store staff to out of stocks, low-facing, location, and pricing errors. By combining shelf data with EPOS data, you can prioritize what’s most profitable to fix first.

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Efficient staff, elevated service

Online user reviews can increase footfall or make potential customers wary of your store. With Trax’s solutions, staff spend more time on your customer-service strategy, elevate customer experience and score better reviews.

Find items faster

Put item data on every staff member’s mobile device so they can immediately tell shoppers if an SKU is in stock and take them to its exact location. Perfect for speeding up the product-picking process for your click-and-collect customers, too!

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CPG Brand for Food

The brand freed up 38% of its field force's time by switching from manual to digital audits. This allowed the team to audit 4 new categories while enjoying 40% in cost savings.

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Concentrating on the Job in Hand

Scale for sale

Are you desperate for affordable, last-minute labor for picking, packing, putting up promotions, or placing products on shelves? If you need extra merchandising help for peak season or an unexpected surge, our Flexforce provides a fast, cost-effective solution.

Miracle workers

We vet and grade each worker, and our proven algorithm ensures you get the perfect people for each project. Since our highly trained, ready-to-go workers are already located in your region, they could be solving your problems tomorrow!

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Workforce management solutions
for retail

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Trax Retail Watch

Our real-time shelf-monitoring and analytics platform reveals what’s happening in the aisles so you...

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Dynamic Workforce Management by Trax and Blue Yonder

An integrated AI-driven staffing solution providing retailers with real-time demand visibility and a flexible,...

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Lee Barwin

Director, Retail Marketing

Fueled by shelf digitization, today’s grocery is becoming agile, personalized and convenient for shoppers. Find out what this means for your retail stores by talking with Lee.

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Ariel Sternfine

Director, Product Marketing, Retail

For a deep dive on ROI and the key use cases of availability, price integrity, supply chain and ecommerce speak with Ariel.

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