A Retail Marketing Solution to Increase Sales

Reach new shoppers with an addictive app. Keep them coming back with
innovative incentives.

Maintain margins
with rewards

Reduce discounts with points that incentivize full-price purchases.

Make ’em want more

Inspire shoppers to fill their baskets while at home and
in your store.

Engagement? There’s an app for that!

Drive new foot traffic and incremental sales with Shopkick. Our location-aware app keeps customers in a shopping state of mind all day long and rewards them for spending more.

Shopkick interface

Maintain margins with rewards

Many incentives platforms rely on one-time discounts that dilute revenue. Shopkick uses points (called “kicks”) as loyalty incentives. Redeemable for gift cards that are usable in your stores, kicks are rewarded for shop visits and full-price purchases.

Win big with remarkable ROI

One of our off-price-store clients drove $78 million in sales with a single Shopkick campaign. They saw boosts in foot traffic, sales, and customer acquisition, leading to a 28:1 ROI. They also realized another 20% returned through gift cards!

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Major US Retailer
  • Senior Manager

With the proliferation of cameras in our enterprise, Computer Vision will transform retail significantly over the next few years by bringing visibility to store level execution of promotions and supply chain planning. After working with many of the larger ISVs without success, we found a partner in Trax who will help us build a complete solution.

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Make ’em want more

Get new shoppers to visit by offering kicks. Get old shoppers into the habit of earning points by adding more products to their carts. And keep them all coming back by adding your gift cards to the rewards mall.

57% in incremental revenue

According to a Visa Decision Science study, 57% of all Shopkick-driven sales were incremental.

Your inside information

Use the wealth of behavioral and demographic data gathered by Shopkick to hone your marketing efforts and drive even more growth.

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