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3 problems, one dynamic solution: How one of America’s biggest CPGs uses Trax Dynamic Merchandising across its sales operations

Trax reporting and analysis sets them apart. This coupled with their speed and the way they manage each project from start to finish with total focus on outcomes is why we used Trax DMX during the pandemic and why we plan to expand with Trax over coming years.

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The fast food industry growth statistics that should shape your advertising strategies

Fast food is a high growth industry. Currently, the US market for fast food is worth about $200 billion and nearly half of all consumers get take out or fast food at least once...

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Understanding millennial spending habits as a QSR marketing professional

When it comes to millennial spending habits, quick service restaurants (QSR) are in a strong position. Millennials are more willing than other generations to eat out, with 79% reporting they regularly spend money...

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Omnichannel the Way Forward for Retail Customer Experience

As consumer behaviour continues to change due to the impact the global Covid-19 pandemic has had both on business and individuals – retailers are increasingly having to position themselves to...

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The top 3 fast food marketing strategies for 2018

This year, the most effective fast food marketing strategies have relied heavily on technology to meet customer demand. Consumers today expect greater transparency from restaurants. They want to know what they’re...

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Out-of-this-world augmented reality marketing campaigns your brand should emulate

Augmented reality marketing campaigns have been slower than expected to take off, and much of this has been due to the lack of AR-compatible mobile platforms. While many brands have pioneered...

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How to leverage in-store digital marketing to boost sales

In-store digital marketing in 2020 looks very different than in-store digital marketing even five years ago. When looking to boost sales, brands and retailers should consider leveraging modern technology to build...

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How can brick and mortar stores compete with online retailers?

The retail powerhouses of America have a synergistic relationship between their brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce sites. Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Home Depot, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Best Buy, Apple—these retail giants maintain their physical...

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Effective shopper marketing examples from the top retail giants

Augmented reality marketing campaigns and rewards programs are shopper marketing examples used by brands that have been found to improve sales. These companies are leveraging both emerging options, like augmented reality marketing...

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3 common challenges of mobile marketing and how to solve them

For those brands looking to reach today’s on-the-go consumer, mobile marketing is the way to go. Studies have proven that consumers spend a great deal of time on their smartphones researching...

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Connie Cheng Executive VP, Strategic Initiatives
Connie is the EVP of Strategic Initiatives at Trax, primarily responsible for identifying new avenues of growth through alliances and partnership collaboration. She is passionate about bringing technology-enabled capability and superior insights to help the CPG clients win in the marketplace.
Ariel Sternfine Director, Product Marketing
Ariel combines his background in engineering, product management and product marketing together to bring solutions to market for Trax’s retail customers. He is a true customer advocator and is passionate about transforming brilliant ideas into valuable products.
Lee Barwin Marketing Director, Retail & Merchandising Solutions
Lee is the Marketing Director, Retail & Merchandising Solutions at Trax. As a highly experienced marketing leader for retail technology, Lee is passionate about revitalizing retail via the digitization of grocery stores.

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