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Old merchandising practices don’t work in the new normal: Here’s why

The rapid changes brought about by Covid-19 revealed the limitations of traditional merchandising agencies, which are not geared to respond rapidly to changed circumstances and demands. Trax Dynamic Merchandising leverages image recognition to direct a merchandising field workforce, enabling it to respond rapidly and precisely while keeping shelves stocked, and customers happy.

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Why CPG leaders build Perfect Stores

In this blog, we explain why Perfect Stores are more relevant than ever and how to optimize their impact.

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Closing the gap — How improving shelf visibility increases CPG sales

Poor retail execution is a major reason consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands struggle. New technologies such as Image Recognition can help them meet this challenge, yet many CPG companies still default to manual checking. For anyone who develops, executes or advises on sales strategy, keeping up with the latest ways to ensure constant shelf visibility is a must. 

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How to build a perfect store in retail: 5 steps to drive sales growth

A perfect store strategy allows brands and retailers to create an enhanced shopping experience that helps shoppers find what they are looking for quickly and trigger impulse purchases. Find out how to create the perfect store program.

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How retail brands can win this holiday season

In order to maximize influence on in-store shoppers’ purchasing decisions, brands and retailers must implement effective merchandising strategies and ensure that these promotions are not only thoughtfully displayed but also strategically driven.

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How on-shelf availability improves ecommerce profitability

Fulfilling grocery orders while maintaining ecommerce profitability is a growing challenge. See how optimizing in-store picking can help your bottom line.

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Traxer in the Spotlight – Lorant Csonka

Lorant Csonka is a Mobile Developer, originally from Hungary but currently working with the UK team. When he’s not busy developing an app used by thousands every day, he is probably out there road-tripping and exploring the British countryside.

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Rethinking the role of the physical store

When the world shut down in response to the pandemic, only a handful of businesses remained essential — grocery stores being one of the most critical. Retailers and brands scrambled to adapt to a new reality, where demand for online ordering and delivery skyrocketed.

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Shopper behavior changed in 2021: How does this affect retail?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected shopper behavior in many ways. From the way people perceive brands to the mindset around purchases, here are a few things that have emerged from the pandemic which brands need to be aware of.

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The changing state of the shelf: Coping with uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic affected supply chains across the US like never before. Trax conducted research in 2020 and again in 2021, and compared availability of 10 key product categories across geographies and retailers. Here’s what we found.

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Featured authors

Connie Cheng Executive VP, Strategic Initiatives
Connie is the EVP of Strategic Initiatives at Trax, primarily responsible for identifying new avenues of growth through alliances and partnership collaboration. She is passionate about bringing technology-enabled capability and superior insights to help the CPG clients win in the marketplace.
Ariel Sternfine Director, Product Marketing
Ariel combines his background in engineering, product management and product marketing together to bring solutions to market for Trax’s retail customers. He is a true customer advocator and is passionate about transforming brilliant ideas into valuable products.
Lee Barwin Marketing Director, Retail & Merchandising Solutions
Lee is the Marketing Director, Retail & Merchandising Solutions at Trax. As a highly experienced marketing leader for retail technology, Lee is passionate about revitalizing retail via the digitization of grocery stores.

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