AI, Data and Defensive Merchandising:
How CPGs can Stay Ahead in a Phygital World

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In a world where Artificial Intelligence such as Chat GPT has replaced Covid as the dominant headline, and consumer trust continues to evolve, this report is your compass through the transformed retail landscape.

Amidst potential supply chain hurdles and economic uncertainties, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) can maintain a competitive edge by empowering their field teams, optimizing in-store operations, logistics, and shopper interactions to elevate the customer journey. This entails ensuring display and contract compliance while investing in the requisite tools to minimize Out-of-Stock (OOS) instances and leveraging AI to enrich the shopping experience in the 'phygital' retail realm.

As we navigate the post-pandemic era, uncover pivotal insights, emerging trends, and actionable strategies that will chart the course for 2024.

What’s inside this report about Phygital Strategy in Stores:

  • • From QR codes to AI stock, explore AI's impact on retail and how it has reshaped the customer journey..

  • • Dig into how streamlined ecommerce data will continue to influence shopper engagements, merchandising and decision-making..

  • • Discover the changing dynamics of customer loyalty amidst unprecedented consumer options and digital experiences.

  • • Navigate defensive merchandising challenges to seize omnichannel opportunities across touchpoints.

  • • What is Phygital? Find out the changes to in-store experience, and the future of retail in-person and in digital worlds.

  • • Unveiling the Phygital Frontier: Learn about the evolution of in-store experiences and the symbiotic relationship between physical and digital realms, charting the future of retail interactions.
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