Transform shelf photos and PDFs into editable planograms. Trax Plano Convert gives you the power to create custom-made merchandising references for each store.

Trax Plano Convert

Creating customized planograms used to be a time-consuming, expletive-producing task. We’ve taken the pain out of planogramming with easy-to-use software. You provide the image or PDF file, and Trax Plano Convert will do the hard work in a fraction of the time.

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A labor-intensive time sink

Due to the extensive resources required to manually create planograms for each store, it’s often impossible to make them all when category managers need them most.

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The magic of image recognition

Trax Plano Convert uses image-recognition algorithms to analyze shelf photos and PDFs, then returns an editable planogram in any format within 48 hours.

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Make better deals

With Trax Plano Convert, category managers and sales reps can quickly build merchandising recommendations for retailers during the negotiation season.

How it works

Just upload a shelf pic or PDF, along with your product-picture database, and our image-recognition technology will do the rest.

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"Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities"

  • Route-to-market manager
  • AB Inbev

Plan and share

Category managers and sales reps who receive PDF planograms from stores can quickly turn them into editable files. After making store-level adjustments, convert them back into PDFs to return to retailers.

Photo opportunities

We know that retailers don’t always send manufacturers PDFs when they implement new plans. That’s why we’ve made it flash-bulb fast for reps to capture shelves as photos to upload to Trax Plano Convert.

Why Plano Convert?

You need editable planograms in a major space-planning file format (PSA, PLN, APB, ICP, XML, PLA, PLNX), and you need them fast. We have the AI-powered software to convert simple images within 48 hours.

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Make more planograms

It takes 80% less time to reproduce planograms, so you can dramatically scale up your production.

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Be the perfect partner

Support your retail clients’ success with chain-specific and store-level planograms.

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Stay up to date

Use gap-analysis reports to quickly spot missing SKUs and update your database.

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Merchandising Coordinator

Sales representatives have become so much more reactive. It makes a big difference to receive a ready-to-use SKU planogram within 24-48 hours versus up to 2 weeks before. If we can provide a store with a SKU-planogram rapidly, we demonstrate professionalism, and, before anything else, a ‘Client first ’ attitude. As a result, we get more meetings, we have more impactful negotiations, and ultimately we outperform the competition.

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