Materne GoGo SqueeZ increased sales by 7% with Trax Shelf Pulse data

In early 2021, Materne used Trax data and saw 11% increase in total points of distribution, 26% sales growth YoY, and 7% sales growth versus the period prior to using Trax. Materne is one of the fastest growing international healthy snack food company, with 68% of the market share in the pouch category. However, despite already being an industry leader, Materne was determined to do more and that’s where Trax came in.

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11% increase in total points of distribution

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7% vs PP in $ sales

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26% $ sales vs YA

The challenge

Some traditional categories have recently drastically slowed in growth and new subcategories have emerged as younger people gain share of spend. However, there is a disconnect between dollar growth versus growth of shelf space and some of the new subcategories were not getting their fair share of shelf.

The results

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Inequalities in space to sales at retailers revealed

Trax data was crucial in revealing some of the inequalities from space to sales at retailers from a category and brand perspective. Materne married Trax shelf data with their own sales data to produce a three-year CAGR and project growth rates. This visual representation really showed how some of the better performing categories were being stunted, as well as future-proofed the category for healthy growth.

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Ability to defend shelf space

With a key retailer worried about over-indexed shelf space, the Materne team needed to convince them that this was not a cause for concern. Trax data was able to compare competitive retailers who also lean in to the Materne brand, and show the retailer client that the more space they allocated to the brand, the higher overall profitability they experienced in the shelf stable fruit category. As a result, Materne was able to increase total points of distribution by 11%.

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Brittany Parsons
  • Category Manager
  • Materne North America

We have just scratched the surface using this tool and it has worked for us and it has worked, more importantly, for our retailers. We want to now take auditing to the next level and see how we can reinvent our best-in-class planogram, how brand blocking affects performance, and how we can have optimal placement in the healthy snack aisle.

The bottom line

With Trax, Materne has been able to clearly demonstrate the dollar opportunity and justify space to sales to key retailers. As a result, the brand experienced 26% sales growth YoY.

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