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Molson Coors unlocked insights on 17 KPIs with Trax Retail Execution

Molson Coors improved in-store execution and increased revenue by tracking more KPIs accurately with Trax technology. Molson Coors is one of the largest brewing companies in the world. The company’s portfolio includes iconic beer brands and other beverages, such as sparkling cocktails, hard coffee, canned wine, kombucha, cider and more.

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The Challenge

Molson Coors needed higher visibility into store sales and in-store conditions. However, teams faced the following challenge: Syndicated POS data for beer was available in only two of the 10 Canadian provinces, covering less than 15% of the national industry volume.

Sales teams had no clear answers to crucial questions: What brands see more sales uplift when on display? Is brand blocking more important than having the right adjacency? Is eye-level placement equally relevant across brands or pack types?

Moreover, the accuracy and efficiency of manual in-store execution reports by sales reps were low: Only three KPIs were available through this approach, and tracking new KPIs meant rewriting surveys. Besides, due to the self-reporting nature of the surveys, the data was not always objective or accurate. As a result, the process of assessing the performance of sales reps and compensating them accordingly was cumbersome.

The Results

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Better shelf insights

With more than 15,000 Trax-powered store visits, Molson Canada has amassed shelf data extracted from 500,000 images taken across 6000 stores. This has helped unlock a wealth of insights on as many as 17 key performance indicators, compared with just three KPIs before working with Trax. These include complex metrics such as Fridge Purity, Compliance to Look of Success, Brand Blocking and Brand Adjacencies.

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Higher share of volume

For the first time, Molson Coors can evaluate the impact of store conditions on sales by fusing Trax data with the brewery’s ePOS data. For example, in outlets with branded fridges, Molson Coors saw a 3% higher share of volume compared with outlets with impure fridges.

IT business partner
Joao Donato
  • Senior IT Business Partner
  • Molson Coors

Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities.

The Bottom Line

Molson Coors improved in-store execution and increased revenue by tracking more KPIs accurately with image recognition technology. These measures also helped sales managers engage in fact-based coaching sessions with sales reps, improving the effectiveness of sales teams.

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