Perfecting In-store Execution

A research-backed Trax perspective on the moves consumer goods manufacturers must make now in order to win at the shelf

Most large consumer goods companies still struggle to see what’s happening on the shelf. Inability to maintain consistent stock levels and stay compliant with the plan plagues CPGs in every category and every country. Store-level execution isn’t slipping, but has not kept pace with the notable progress in supply chain effectiveness either.

Backed by an industry-wide survey of senior CPG professionals and Trax experience in delivering Computer Vision-powered retail execution solutions, this whitepaper explores the state of in-store execution and compliance in the CPG industry today and proposes improvements in this area well beyond what has been possible to date.

It covers:

  1. The state of field data collection
  • Why supply chain or PoS data alone won’t do
  • The limitations of manual audits
  • The Holy Grail: In-store data that is accurate, quickly acquired and easy to scale
  1. Data for the greater good: Why every team needs shelf visibility
  1. The levers of a perfect store
  • Product Presence
  • Assortment & Placement
  • Price Compliance & Promotion Activation
  • Competitor Adjacency
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