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trax retail watch

Our real-time shelf-monitoring and analytics platform reveals what’s happening in the aisles so you can optimize operations.

Trax Retail Watch

Poorly managed shelves result in unhappy shoppers and missed sales, but retailers don’t have the manpower to spot every error as it happens. Trax automatically scans shelves, analyzes conditions, and prioritizes fixes to unlock each aisle’s full potential.

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Inadequate resources to track store conditions

Leading retailers spend $340 million a year on manually monitoring shelf availability. Yet, on average, 8% of products are out of stock, resulting in a 4.1% loss of revenue.

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Computer Vision and cameras

Shelf cameras, image-recognition software, revenue-focused analytics, and app-based alerts provide real-time visibility and prioritized solutions.

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Faster fixes, ascendant sales

By automating shelf scans, retailers can improve labor efficiency, increase item availability, reduce price inaccuracies, and drive 2%+ in incremental sales.

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How it works

Trax Retail Watch monitors and analyzes real-time shelf conditions and communicates insightful data through mobile- and web-based alerts and dashboards.

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"With the introduction of autonomous robots, Auchan wants to improve productivity in stores and optimize the supply chain"

  • Digital Director
  • Auchan

Eagle-eyed from any device

Trax’s magic starts with in-store cameras that capture real-time shelf conditions. Images are sent to cloud servers, where deep-learning algorithms analyze with pixel-perfect accuracy to identify each SKU.

The best views

Each store’s camera network is tailormade for its size and layout. Shelf-edge cameras are great for main aisles, dome cameras for fresh categories, and autonomous robots for new products.

Experience matters

With over 2 million hours of store monitoring, 2700 meters of shelf space captured hourly, and 350,000 SKUs added daily to our database, Trax provides an unparalleled Computer Vision solution.

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"Trax makes it very easy for us to measure availability and out-of-stock - these were critical issues for us to deal with."

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Leading Supermarket Operator

Working together works

Liberate store staff from monotonous duties to give them more time to help customers. Trax Retail Watch takes care of spotting shelf-stock issues, then builds efficient task lists that prioritize KPIs, saving your team significant time.

On the alert

Receive alerts immediately or at regular intervals about out-of-stocks, low facings, incorrect or misplaced products on a shelf, and missing or incorrect prices.

Quicker pickers

We speed up the online-order picking process. Since we know exactly where every SKU is (or isn’t), we can map the perfect path for getting the cart fulfilled. 

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"We use Trax to automate and improve their store audit time, taking it down to 15 minutes per category leading to better execution and shopper experience."

  • Leading Global Retailer

High-tech team tools

Trax Retail Watch gives managers the tools they need to elevate each staff member. They can see a live feed of performance and store execution to make immediate changes on the floor or build long-term strategies for improvement.

Track and train

Track task velocity and task accuracy at the associate level to take corrective actions and target training. 

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"After working with many of the larger ISVs without success, we found a partner in Trax for visibility into store level execution of promotions and supply chain planning."

  • Senior Manager
  • Major US Retailer

A guiding light for growth

We transform shelf intelligence into meaningful insights for continuously improving operations. Data is aggregated for both the store and the entire chain, allowing management at each level to see the bigger picture.

Break bad patterns

Analyze out-of-stock durations to discover supplier issues and optimize order sizes. Schedule replenishment runs or increase shelf holding power to prevent chronic availability problems.

Integrate and calibrate

Trax API allows you to connect its wealth of information and analytics to other datasets and systems — such as POS and inventory. Discover and correct systemic problems to save millions of dollars in lost sales.

Retail Watch Calculator

Use our online calculator to see how much Retail Watch can improve your sales and free up your workforce

Why Trax Retail Watch?

Open up a world of possibilities by converting real-life shelves into real-time data. Redefine last-mile excellence, perfect the supply chain, and free up staff to serve and delight shoppers.

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Proven results

On average, Trax reduces out-of-stocks by 30%, improves price accuracy by 80%, and wins back 250 labor hours per associate.

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Industry-leading precision

With over a decade of refinement and retail’s largest product database, our algorithms boast 95%+ image-recognition accuracy.

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Built to grow

Quickly scale to thousands of categories in hundreds of stores. Our turnkey solution is end-to-end and easily expandable.

Get answers to your questions

Our team is here to help. One of our retail experts would love to answer your Trax Retail Watch questions.

What’s the expected ROI?

The returns from shelf digitization are compounded by several store-operations and supply-chain improvements. These include labor efficiency and productivity gains, incremental sales with increased OSA, inventory optimization, and more. Our team calculates ROI based on your business’s specific needs and would be happy to provide an in-depth analysis tailored to you.

Can Trax Retail Watch be integrated with other software?

Our API (Application Programming Interface) enables bi-directional communication between Trax software and CRM, POS, inventory, and planogram applications. We feed data into our system to provide additional insights, and we export our data to improve demand forecasting and other retail applications.

Is the consumer’s privacy protected??

Trax has successfully passed security due diligence for leading global retailers and is GDPR compliant. Our camera system includes sensor alerts in the event of an occlusion (an obstruction in front of the camera) that contains a human presence. The system analyzes every picture to determine whether a human is present before uploading to Trax's cloud. If a picture contains a person, it’s immediately discarded. The process is repeated until the camera captures a picture without an occlusion. The occluded images are deleted from the gateway server and the IoT camera device. At the end of the process, no photos of people are saved at the store or in the cloud.

How many SKUs can a camera capture?

Dome cameras can capture up to 12 linear meters, and shelf-edge cameras capture up to 2.5 linear meters. This approximates to 2500 product facings and 400 product facings, respectively. These numbers vary according to how big the products are and how they are arranged on the shelves.

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Harness the power of Trax to enable the best shopping experience possible.

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