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Trax Retail Snapshot earned a major brewery $45 million in incremental revenue

Owning over 165 breweries in 70 countries, this beer manufacturer is one of the largest brewers by volume in the world.

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The Challenge

Before Trax, the client had no visibility into whether their promotions were executed across key outlets. They needed an effective way to measure and benchmark merchandising execution performance during power periods across all key retail outlets, down to the store level.

The Results

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The client implemented Trax Retail Snapshot that delivers unprecedented visibility into merchandising execution performance in a rapid, cost-effective way.

The client gained insights into their merchandising performance across 15,000 stores every month. When management saw that they were able to identify and quickly resolve issues across all key retail outlets, down to the store level, they decided to implement a new incentive program with Trax data as the currency.

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Information on which store locations are authorized for promotional displays are entered into the Trax system. Retail execution teams and distributors then use Trax to measure the quality of display execution at these stores. With this data integrated into sales force automation systems, managers can quickly see not only how their promotions perform but also how productive their field labor is.

The client is also able to generate improvement targets for each period and incentives supporting those goals that all parties can agree upon.

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Senior Director of Business Intelligence
  • Channels and National Accounts

Since beginning the Trax partnership, own-brand execution has continued every quarter and is also reflected in a growth of sales on display in our Nielsen channels.

The Bottom Line

With this model in place, the client has seen an increase of 67% in display compliance which translates to $45 million in incremental revenue.

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