Trax launches new augmented reality in-store execution solution, the first of its kind for the retail industry

  • Trax’s AR solution is a first of its kind for the industry, enabling CPG manufacturers and retailers to effortlessly digitize the shelf to better measure and perfect their in-store execution.
  • Trax’s mobile AR assistant is built with the Apple ARKit introduced in iOS 11.

SINGAPORE, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017: Leading retail technology company Trax is set to revolutionize the retail industry, launching its Augmented Reality (AR) solution. This enables CPG manufacturers and retailers to seamlessly digitize their shelves to measure and perfect their in-store execution.

Trax first introduced to the industry its breakthrough computer vision platform to turn images of retail shelves into actionable insights that can be used to improve store conditions. With the new Trax AR solution, built with the latest Apple ARKit introduced in iOS 11, in-store data acquisition will literally become effortless.

The AR solution, which started development on iOS 11 Beta program, is the first of its kind for the retail industry; brands and retailers can leverage the technology to improve how products are placed on the shelves in the stores. Trax’s Shelf Capture Assistant provides an immersive augmented reality experience for Trax mobile app users during store audits. It guides them to take photographs of a store shelf by marking out areas that they may have missed.

During a store audit, it is not unusual for the auditor to get interrupted by shoppers walking by, or even a chatty store manager. With Shelf Capture Assistant, users can resume their photo capture tasks from the exact point at which they were interrupted. A fully captured store shelf in a shorter time, means faster audits and more accurate insights to enable better execution in store.

The app also features a Virtual Ruler, an accurate way for users to calculate the exact distance and space of products on shelf. As brands pay top dollar for shelf space, Trax’s AR capabilities intuitively helps measure and improve shelf compliance in stores.

Yair Adato, Chief Engineering Officer at Trax, comments: “Innovation is in Trax’s DNA. We are consistently trying to push the limits of computer vision and its application within retail. By leveraging the immersive user experience of AR, alongside our computer vision, data science and machine learning technology, we can help every sales rep or store associate do their job more efficiently than before. This enables our customers to quickly monitor shelf share and stock levels, conduct audits, and gain valuable insights into trends, competitor sales, and promotional activity.”

Trax provides retail insights to some of the world’s largest CPG brands, such as Coca-Cola, P&G, Heineken, AB InBev and Nestlé. The AR solution will be available for Trax customers to utilise in Q4 2017. More information can be found here: https://traxretail.com/technology/augmented-reality.


About Trax

Trax is the world leader in computer vision solutions for retail, ranking in the top 25 Fastest Growing Companies on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list. The company enables tighter execution controls in-store and the ability to leverage competitive insights through their in-store execution tools, market measurement services and data science to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale. Trax does this using smartphones and tablets to gain actionable shelf analytics in real-time.  With over 175 clients, in over 50 countries, top brands such as Coca-Cola, AB InBev, Nestle, Henkel, PepsiCo and many more, leverage Trax globally to manage their in-store execution and increase revenues at the shelf. Trax is headquartered in Singapore with offices worldwide. To learn more about Trax, please visit www.traxretail.com.

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