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Unilever Greece replaced manual audits for core SKUs in 10 categories with Trax Retail Execution

Unilever’s Greek field force were performing manual in-store audits and order taking for SKUs in 15 product categories daily. Unilever leveraged Trax as well as an ecosystem of other digital solutions such as ACRE (Accenture Cloud Retail Execution) and SharePoint to manage these challenges. Leveraging Trax, Unilever Greece replaced manual audits for up to 70 of its core SKUs in 10 categories.

shelf health

Gained visibility into key KPIs

customer engagement

Performed corrective actions immediately

customer engagement

Gained the ability to compare performance across channels

The Challenge

Unilever sales reps were tracking out-of-stocks for 600 SKUs using pencil-on-paper ‘customer cards’, taking orders on paper forms and using illustrated brochures to present new SKUs to retail stores. This manual approach was prone to human error and resulted in insufficient assortment control. Field sales managers also lacked visibility into performance across market, brand and categories. Leaders in the corporate headquarters often had little visibility into the shelf reality. Third party auditors, where deployed, provided information that was often outdated by the time it reached the right team.

The Results

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Improved sales team efficiency

With Trax and ACRE working in tandem, sales reps can access live reports at point-of-sale for all core SKUs. Sales area managers and other stakeholders leverage images that are digitally analyzed by the Trax cloud to check on team performance indicators and take immediate corrective actions instead of waiting on monthly reports.

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Greater stakeholder visibility

Leaders and other key stakeholders have granular visibility into market and shelf reality. Category managers, key account managers, supply chain executives and other leaders can create and monitor custom KPIs in real-time via a cloud-based dashboard, making it easy to identify gaps in process, performance, compliance and more.

Andreas Triantafyllidis
  • National Field Sales Manager
  • Unilever Greece

Trax is the ultimate tool for in-store execution. It brings all stakeholders into the real world so that we have visibility into what’s happening in the market in real-time.

The Bottom Line

With its seamless integration with tools such as ACRE and SharePoint, Trax Retail Execution facilitates a continuous interaction cycle that enhances the impact of stakeholders’ work throughout the entire organization. Key account managers can use Trax OSA data when conducting reviews with retailers to improve availability. Category and marketing managers can monitor KPIs such as speed of listing and share of shelf (SOS) in real-time. Regional managers and leadership teams can easily compare market share across all outlets and get the big picture.

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