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Trax helped a top beverage manufacturer reassess its GTM strategy and grow market share

The results of using Trax were seen in just two weeks. Headquartered in Australia, this company is one of the largest bottlers and distributors of non-alcoholic and alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region.

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The Challenge

The beverage manufacturer was the market leader within the iced tea category with a product penetration rate 15% higher than its closest competitor. However, Trax data revealed that the brand’s share-of-shelf was 4% less than its main competitor. The client sought to determine the reasons for lower share-of-shelf.

The Results

Trax analysis discovered that the client’s competitor had a larger number of flavor profiles compared to its own brands.

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Realigned GTM Strategy

To leverage the propensity of shoppers to try more flavours, the client developed a promotional ‘buy 5, get 1 free’ offer. Trax competitive insights showed the regions and the exact stores that needed most attention. With store-level insights, the brand extended its range in the right stores.

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Increased sales

The client’s focus on key regions resulted in a 5% uptick in sales in just 2 weeks.

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  • Global Senior Director
  • Top beverage manufacturer

We’ve seen a huge improvement in our execution AND the quality of the data and insights that we can get since introducing Trax.

The Bottom Line

The manufacturer realigned its go-to-market strategy and grew market share. Trax insights enabled the company to identify upsell opportunities, provide qualified leads to sales representatives and maximize all channel sales.

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