Major European retailer

Trax helped a major European retailer increase order sizes by 41%

The retailer realized a tremendous increase in orders on their online shopping platform during the Covid-19 lockdown. Prior to the lockdown, they were fulfilling online orders within 10-12 days. With the increased demand and the expectation of shorter delivery times, they needed to increase the capacity of their pickers. However, the uncertainty of the pandemic meant they needed a solution that could be scaled up and down as needed while providing support in stores nationally, based on short-term needs.

boost retail revenue


Increase in order sizes

low stock


Delivery time down from 12 days

The challenge

The retailer needed a centralized system to manage its e-commerce operations compared to the decentralized system that was being used by each of its stores. They were looking for a solution that could provide visibility on reps supporting each store, so that the e-commerce team would not have to reach out to each rep individually to monitor performance.

The results

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'Pick and pack' implemented

Reps pick and pack online, app, or call-in orders using one platform, allowing them to average 19 orders per 8-hour shift.

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Flexible, scalable staffing

The retailer is able to increase or decrease staff based on day of week, order volume, or any other factor, with minimal lead time.

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Granular, transparent reporting

Daily store-level reports, including time worked per person, orders fulfilled, and more, are available to all stakeholders on custom dashboards.

The bottom line

With Trax, the retailer has gained a common platform to view in-store execution performance across various markets. The biggest benefit is seen within their Perfect Store programs – stores participating in this program have shown an 80% higher sales growth rate compared to other stores.

Furthermore, the Perfect Store program has increased sales by 2% year-over-year in 2018. Trax Retail Execution is now an everyday tool for not just frontline teams but also any stakeholder who is involved in translating the company’s mission of ensuring healthier lives at the point of purchase.

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