Traxer in the Spotlight – Lorant Csonka

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Traxer in the Spotlight – Lorant Csonka

Lorant Csonka is a Mobile Developer, originally from Hungary but currently working with the CPG Development team in the UK. When he’s not busy developing an app used by thousands every day, he is probably out there road-tripping and exploring the British countryside.

What brought you to Trax?

Prior to Trax and Planorama, I was working on a VR application development project, had some experience developing a Test Automation framework, and creating smaller AR-related apps and games. In 2019, when I was looking for a new job, I wanted to find a company that wasn’t too big but also had the potential to grow. When I joined Planorama as a Mobile Developer (Xamarin Forms), I felt that it was a perfect match, and it was so easy to become part of the great team and exciting challenges. We then joined Trax  with the acquisition of Planorama, and last year I became part of the CPG Mobile Team as an iOS developer.

How does your role contribute to the success of Trax?

I am currently working on the Retail Execution App,  which is one of the key elements in our portfolio used by sales representatives to conduct the in-store audits — thousands of people on a daily basis. App development is a complex process and a work tool is only good if it works well, quickly, and efficiently.  Because of this, I can add the most to the success of Trax by ensuring the stability and speed of the application. Even though it’s not TikTok or Candy Crush, we still need to provide a great user experience and introduce new features to help the users. After all, a little nuanced change makes a huge difference in someone’s daily work.

What keeps you engaged at work and in your role?

Being a mobile developer means that we always have to face new challenges. Whether it’s preparing the app for the next iOS version, tracking down a mysterious bug, or introducing a brand-new feature, we need to keep in mind that we affect many users and customers. It’s exciting and means there’s a lot of responsibility at the same time. I personally love challenges and it is imperative to me that my work does not become routine. Seeing the results of my work and seeing that it has positive effects on the users is what drives me every day.

What do you like to do outside of work? Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know from your CV.

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying just getting into the car with my partner on Saturday mornings and exploring without any specific route or goal. We stop at small towns and find  good restaurants or just explore the neighborhood and the countryside (maybe it’s COVID quarantine aftermath :D). Besides that, I have side projects that I work on (flutter apps), and I’m training myself to be an expert in photogrammetry.

What does it mean to be a Traxer?

Being a Traxer means that you will face countless challenges, and will always overcome them while enjoying the process :). Working at Trax, you simply know that you can always count on your team and the people from other projects when you need help.

If you’re looking for new challenges AND a team that always has your back, go check out our careers page and browse our open positions!

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