A letter from Trax CEO Justin Behar: Introducing our new Vision & Mission

Justin Behar
Justin Behar Chief Executive Officer, Trax

A letter from Trax CEO Justin Behar: Introducing our new Vision & Mission

To our Trax community: 

When Trax was founded in 2010, our mission was clear – to digitize the physical world of retail. Over the past decade we have grown from an early-stage startup with just a handful of staff, to a truly global company serving the world’s leading CPG and retail companies. 

Along the way, we have made a host of impressive technological advances for the industry and built out exciting new capabilities through strategic acquisitions; and in 2021 we are forging ahead as a united team of over 800 Traxers globally. 

We have evolved and it is time our vision and mission do too. While our initial goal of digitizing the physical world of retail still rings true, our solutions today address much more complex and urgent needs. Every day, we apply our technology to help our customers make data-driven decisions, working in tandem toward a shared goal of improving the shopper experience and navigating the new retail reality. 

We needed a narrative that captured the bigger picture, and we are thrilled to introduce our new vision and mission.

We are the driving force of the store of tomorrow, where the physical and digital combine in new ways to delight at shelf.

At Trax, our mission is to help brands and retailers harness the power of digital technologies to enable the best shopping experiences imaginable. Our platform allows customers to understand what is happening on shelf, in every store, all the time so they can focus on what they do best- delighting shoppers. With Trax data and insights, our customers gain granular SKU-level visibility to changing store conditions so they can make timely, data-driven decisions to accelerate growth and reduce costs through better planning, execution and shopper engagement. We believe brands, retailers and shoppers need a better way to navigate the new retail reality, one that promises a more fulfilling and engaging shopper experience.

See how this comes to life in our exciting new video:

This new ethos will be our North Star as we mature as a company, inspired by our common values and goals for the future. We are grateful for those who worked tirelessly to get us where we are today, and we look forward to sharing what’s next.

With gratitude,  

Justin Behar 

CEO, Trax 

Justin Behar
Justin Behar Chief Executive Officer, Trax Justin Behar is the Chief Executive Officer at Trax. He was appointed in January 2021, after having served three years as Chief Corporate Development Officer of the company. Before joining Trax, Justin spent seven years as co-founder and CEO of Quri, leading the company from its founding through a successful acquisition by Trax.

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