10 essential reasons to attend Trax Innovation Day

10 essential reasons to attend Trax Innovation Day

At Trax Innovation Day, we bring like-minded brands and retailers together to share how granular shelf-level analytics powered by Computer Vision technology is sharpening retail fundamentals and elevating the in-store shopping experience. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should attend.

  1. Customers tell their stories

Hear illuminating cases from the customers themselves. Learn from peers in the industry, their best practices and strategies on how to win at the shelf.

  1. The Retail Landscape in 2020

Gain a clear picture of the ever-changing shelf and evolving retail store with analytics powered by Computer Vision technology and deep learning.

  1. World-Class Networking

Mix and mingle with like-minded peers as you tuck into delicious food, rich desserts and early evening cocktails.

  1. From field users to the head office, something for everyone

Shelf execution in retail is a complex process involving numerous teams– from category management, space planning and brand management teams to national key accounts and field sales teams. Meet your peers and learn best practices on how to harness shelf data for the best results.

  1. Innovation Showcase

Be the first to check out our coolest, latest prototypes even before they hit the market.

  1. Bond with the biggest brands in the industry

Some of the world's top CPG and retail companies have attended past Innovation Days.

  1. Simply set aside a half-day

We believe in keeping it short and sweet. Our events are half-day long, so why not leave the office early? Feel free to lose the tie, but lose nothing on productivity.

  1. Fine venues

Our events are held at venues packed with character and culture. Soak in the views!

  1. Survey says…

85% of our attendees rated the event as extremely valuable or valuable.

  1. It’s free!

That’s right. If you're a consumer goods or retail professional, we’re excited to extend you a warm invitation to be our guest. Hurry - the tour is underway and the next stops are fast arriving.

Register now, and join us at a city near you!

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