Webinar: Reimagining Retail Execution

COVID-19 is driving the average family to shift their spending from restaurant dining to home-cooked meals. To capitalize on this massive opportunity in grocery retail, brands and retailers must act now to maximize merchandising and execution control.

In this webinar, Head of Product for Trax, James Slavet shares how Trax Dynamic Merchandising works as an agile solution that helps brands bridge the gap between their insights, what is happening at the store level, and what they can execute.

Complete the form and watch the webinar to find out how to optimize your retail execution strategy in a centralized distribution network model. Topics covered include;

  • How the traditional agency model for merchandising is riddled with inefficiency and sunk cost
  • How to rethink your workforce to optimize coverage in stores
  • How to drive revenue opportunities at the shelf, create brand loyalty, and focus on product innovation

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