Webinar: Leveraging computer vision to bolster retail execution

Leveraging computer vision to bolster retail execution

With their current challenges of lack of data and field sales execution and pay for performance, Molson Coors looked to Trax to help solve these issues by implementing an image recognition platform to help them better understand market conditions as well as track in-store execution.

During this session, João Donato, Senior IT Business Director, Molson Coors will outline the goals and challenges Molson Coors had that ultimately led them to the implementation of Trax and where they are today.

Topics during this session include:

  • The goals Molson Coors wanted to achieve such as; growing their brand through execution of commercial plans, to be the first choice for customers and consumers and to empower salesforce through simplified knowledge and methodology.
  • How Molson Coors dealt with the challenge of change management during implementation.
  • How they increased their image recognition accuracy to 96% using Trax and where they are today as an organization.

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