Webinar: Enabling next generation retail by digitizing the store

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused $258B of spending to shift from non-essential retailers to essential retailers. Consumers shopped at 60% more stores than they normally would have to find essentials during period of panic buying. Shopper loyalty dropped as result, with shoppers valuing availability more than ever. In the US, eCommerce channels experienced 10 years worth of growth in only 3 months. Customers visits to physical retail stores have stopped by 20% over these 3 months.

With the growth of online channels, physical retail’s transformation to digitization is accelerating to complement online platforms and provide a better shopping experience in store.

This webinar presented by President of the IHL Group, Greg Buzek and Trax Product Director for Retail, Ariel Sternfine at the Trax Fall Innovation Summit 2020 unveils the latest research on grocery’s change through the pandemic and demonstrates how digitized physical shelves unify your online and in-store channels, driving sales growth. Download the webinar now!

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