Webinar: Shelf Intelligence by Trax and Nielsen

Drive continuous improvement at shelf with Trax-Nielsen Shelf Intelligence

It’s no secret that the shelf is more crowded than ever, with new product launches aggressively stealing space and outpacing sales. Product shelving optimization is more critical than ever to brand and category growth in the consumer goods industry. In this webinar organized by the Category Management Association, you will understand how ongoing shelf measurement combined with predictive analytics helps you perfect your shelf strategy and drive profits.


  • Challenges faced in understanding what’s happening on the shelf
  • Why manual shelf audit and reporting is inefficient
  • How Shelf Pulse leads to continuous improvement at the shelf (demo)
  • How Shelf Blueprint helps perfect your shelf strategy and drive profits

Presented by:

Matt Holland, VP & Commercial Lead, Trax | Patty Gregory, VP, Shelf Intelligence at Nielsen

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