Webinar: COVID-19 highlights opportunity for autonomous monitoring of on-shelf availability

The COVID-19 pandemic has given retailers their biggest ever on-shelf availability crisis.

A report by Coresight Research showed that only 32% of retailers currently have the data to tell how long an item was out of shelf. However, 78% of respondents had plans to digitize the measurement of shelf availability to reduce out of stocks and delight shoppers.

In this webinar presented by CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, Deborah Weinswig and Trax Americas Managing Director, David Gottlieb, we discuss how Computer Vision technology can save retailers from costly in-store execution issues.

Topics covered include leveraging autonomous shelf monitoring to;

  • Understand in real-time the out of stocks on shelf for every SKU across the store
  • Know when the product became out of stock on the shelf and the duration of the time not on shelf
  • Provide real-time alerts to store staff to fix gaps on shelf and address price, promotion and planogram compliance
  • Provide real-time availability updates to shoppers when ordering online

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