Webinar: Automated shelf measurement- Are you missing essential shelf data?

Webinar: Automated shelf measurement- Are you missing essential shelf data?

The pandemic has changed grocery. Shoppers are visiting stores less often; basket spend is increasing and shoppers are buying more on-line.

For retailers it is now both a safeguarding and sales priority to ensure products are available on the shelf and ready to buy for every shopping trip or on-line order. Sales conversation is essential to happy and safe shoppers.

However, retailers often complain of a shelf data black hole between goods in and sales out data. Why? Because the physical store lags behind e-commerce with product level data. The result: shoppers can’t buy what’s not on the shelf.

Typically, retailers report 8% out of stocks on shelf. More often than not stock is in-store but not on shelf!

As a retailer, do you always know the shelf reality for every SKU on every shelf in every store? Do you have continuous 100% visibility into;

  • Shelf availability
  • Planogram compliance
  • Inaccurate/missing price tags
  • Promotion activation

This webinar shows you how Trax and Google Cloud are closing the data gap. Collected via automated robots and shelf edge cameras, Trax’s shelf data combines with Google’s AI/ML to provide the accuracy and granularity to improve Demand Forecasting, In-Store Operations and Customer Experience.

Fill in the form to watch out how automated shelf data improves store staff productivity and drives on-shelf availability – for both the physical store and for servicing online orders.

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