Trax Retail Snapshot

Trax Retail Snapshot

With 66% of retail promotions in the stores not yielding a positive return on investment, brands need to take greater control over the process and proactively improve every aspect of in-store merchandising.

Trax Retail Snapshot provides a rapid, cost-effective way to capture in-store reality, delivering unprecedented visibility and insights into merchandising execution performance, all from a shopper perspective.

What you can do with Trax Retail Snapshot:

  1. Achieve greater speed to market: Trax’s mobile workforce visits thousands of stores across a range of retail channels daily and can quantify stores as the shopper sees it within 24-48 hours of starting a promotion or launching a new product.
  2. See what shoppers see in-store: Leverage objective, complete and traceable data with visual proofs of execution at store-level, delivered in real-time to understand which stores are off-strategy.
  3. Optimize trade spend through execution insight: Discover the ‘why’ behind promotion performance and make investment decisions based on a foundational understanding of impact

Leverage store-level survey responses and photos to answer burning questions about your promotions and product launches:

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