The Past, Present and Future of Computer Vision

What do selfie filters in smartphone apps, driver-less cars, and AR-generated maps have in common?

They are all powered in some way by the same frontier technology: Computer Vision (CV).

CV is an interdisciplinary field that attempts to teach computers or other machines to see, identify and process images. From its origins in student projects in the 1950s to the discovery of deep learning, CV’s journey to mainstream adoption has been exhilarating. Check out this roots-to-wings story of a technology that’s transforming industries as diverse as defense, agriculture and retail.

Dive into this eBook to explore:

Human and Computer Vision

  • The similarities and differences between CV and human vision
  • The complexity involved in teaching machines “to see” 

A Brief History of Computer Vision

  • Early attempts at creating an artificial neural network
  • Major milestones and pioneers  

The State of Computer Vision Today

  • Current-day applications
  • The transformation of bricks-and-mortar retail

What Lies Ahead

  • A peek in to the future of Computer Vision
  • Trax and CV: Shaping the modern shopping experience


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