One year later: The new, post-pandemic state of the shelf

Between the last week of March and the first week of April 2021, Trax processed more than 50,000 images of shelves across 10 essential product categories in over 300 stores in the US to understand retail reality from a shopper’s perspective and precisely quantify the reality of OSA.

Trax image recognition instantly determined the exact shelf-space utilization by applying state-of-the-art Computer Vision (CV) and AI algorithms to provide the following insights:

  • Out-of-stock (OOS) situations are much less common than they were a year ago
  • Shoppers in the Southeastern states are the most likely to find products on the shelves
  • The best-stocked stores were Giant, Jewel-Osco, and Shaw’s, each of which performed strongly in seven out of our 10 categories

Download the whitepaper for a deep dive into questions like;

  • What has happened to the hard-to-find product categories?
  • How does availability vary geographically?
  • Which retailer had the best-stocked shelves of each category?
  • How have shoppers’ habits changed, and how should CPGs respond?
  • Where does consumption occur today?
  • How can CPGs cope with the ongoing uncertainty?

Read the Whitepaper

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