Boosting tobacco sales in the pandemic era

Boosting tobacco sales in the pandemic era

For decades, tobacco-related retailers and brands have faced significant challenges in delivering merchandise to their customers. Until recently, technology has been of little help in improving the industry’s strategies to address these challenges. Thus far, the most significant hurdles have been based on the following:

  • The perception of product targeting skewing younger
  • The considerable success of specific tobacco categories
  • Stronger legislation on how retailers and brands can provide OSA, merchandising, and grocery and convenience store access to their potential consumer base

These circumstances, coupled with the pandemic limiting in-store traffic, put an even greater emphasis on the importance of a strong, fluid retail workforce. On the front lines, real-time data, flexible workforces, and dynamic technology are all necessary to help retailers and brands keep their consumer-packaged goods (CPGs) top of mind.

This whitepaper looks at tobacco’s long-time issues, the new pandemic-era challenges, and better opportunities to leverage tech in the near future.

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