Boosting retail sales of alcohol in a challenging climate with strategic merchandising innovation

Manufacturers have always faced restrictions on alcoholic beverage advertising and sales that are dependent on a complicated web of state laws and local ordinances. Supply related obstacles—ingredient shortages, transportation problems, and a continuing labor shortage—are further complicating the path of alcoholic beverages from store shelves to consumers’ hands nationwide.

Other global crises, both new and ongoing, are affecting alcoholic beverage companies’ ability to meet robust consumer demand amid a climate in which supplies are low and costs are soaring.

Today, alcoholic beverage companies must address these challenges with out-of-the- box approaches to merchandising at the retail level, including industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology and innovative, cost-effective solutions to staffing issues.

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  • Current challenges for the alcoholic beverage market
  • Unique supply chain challenges
  • Regulatory complications
  • How to harness research data to shape a more robust retail strategy
  • Declining brand loyalty
  • Digital drink sales
  • How the labor shortage affects the alcoholic beverage company
  • Solutions to address an increasingly complex and challenging retail landscape for alcoholic beverage companies

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