Trax Puts Big Data On The Shelf

However, Trax and Fei Fei Ho believe that injecting a little data-driven analysis into modern shelf displays can work wonders.

Ho explained in an interview that Trax originally began not as a way for brick-and-mortar retailers to fight back against eCommerce’s rapid gains but rather as a way to balance the precise data of online shopping with the familiarity and convenience of browsing an actual shelf. However, the scales are tipped in that fight — online retailers don’t need to contend with limited floor and shelf space when displaying products on a site. With Trax’s SaaS-driven solution to in-store displays, Ho explained that retailers can start designing product layouts based on factors most likely to induce sales, all by simply snapping a picture of a shelf and waiting for Trax to crunch the numbers on how it could be improved.

“The processes around managing product shelf layouts is largely manual to date, and as such, the results are inaccurate, inconsistent and often untimely to changing needs of the marketplace,” Ho said. “Trax has revolutionized this process by providing an accurate, reliable and real-time view of the on-shelf reality for retailers. What’s more, we correlate our Trax compliance data with POS data to understand and measure the effectiveness of planogram and shelf strategies.”

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