Insightful.Mobi partners with Trax Image Recognition to drive advanced in-store shelf monitoring and analysis for consumer goods companies

Trax Image Recognition (Trax), a leading technology provider of in-store shelf monitoring and analysis powered by image recognition, today announced a strategic partnership with Insightful.Mobi to deliver a cloud-based, field merchandising offering for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers in New Zealand.

With challenging margins and increased competition in the grocery channel, CPGs are increasingly looking to new technology to enhance productivity of field sales staff. This partnership will allow them to use Trax’s image recognition technology to perform shelf monitoring and analysis as part of their store visits by simply snapping a photo or taking a video of a supermarket aisle. As well as providing valuable insights, the technology allows them to focus their time spent in-store on making sales.

Using technology from Trax, representatives can receive data about shelf compliance within minutes on their mobile device; significantly reducing the amount of time spent performing their work in the stores. Furthermore, Trax’s state-of-the-art algorithms report extensive data including share of shelf, shelf standards, planogram compliance, pricing, promotional materials – all in the form of actionable reports readily available to use in–store.

“This partnership will allow our customers to dramatically enhance productivity and efficiency for field sales staff as well as capture valuable insights and intelligence from the store shelf,” said Paul Miller, CEO of Insightful.Mobi. “Timely insights hold the key to future success for CPGs. It will be those companies that have the best understanding of what’s happening in-store that stay ahead of the competition.”

“We are delighted to be working with Insightful.Mobi, a leader in sales force automation for CPGs in the region,” said Joel Bar-El, CEO of Trax Image Recognition. “This partnership will drive significant competitive advantage for manufacturers and help us further expand our global footprint.”

Trax’s powerful machine learning algorithms were developed specifically for the consumer goods market and can overcome near identical products as well as reflective packaging. The company is active in 42 markets and its customers include Coca-Cola, AB InBev, Henkel and Heineken. As the only cloud-based solution it provides superior scalability and pricing for major CPGs selling multiple products across thousands of stores.

About Insightful.Mobi

Insightful.Mobi is a privately owned New Zealand-based company. Its focus and passion is in transforming field sales teams from order takers into order makers. It does this with the smart use of insights combined with innovative technology.

Its team has a combined 50+ years experience in the consumer goods industry in New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., and Europe. Its products are highly intuitive and work with industry-leading back office tools from vendors like SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce.com.

To springboard to the best practice in field selling, please visit www.insightful.mobi

About Trax Image Recognition Trax Image Recognition is the world leader in image recognition for retail. The company enables tighter execution controls in-store and the ability to leverage competitive insights to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale. Trax does this using iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets to gain actionable retail analytics in real-time.

With over 175 clients, in 52 countries, top brands such as Coca-Cola, AB InBev, Nestle, Henkel, PepsiCo and many more, leverage Trax globally to manage their in-store execution and increase revenues at the shelf. Trax is headquartered in Singapore with offices across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. To learn more about Trax, please visit www.TraxRetail.com.

For additional information please contact:


Paul Miller

CEO & Founder


Mobile +64-21-648152

Office +64-9-280-3211


Fei Fei Ho

Marketing & Communications Director


Office: +65-6224-9145

Mobile: +65-9775-5569

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