Top Tech Trends To Watch In 2020 (Out of Stock Detection Systems, Smart Checkout Solutions)

Technology has been killing the retail industry. 2020 may be the year it saves it.

Artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep-learning algorithms, digital cameras and sensor fusion will reshape brick-and-mortar stores and drive new efficiencies for shoppers and retailers.

Emboldened by the proliferation of Amazon’s cashless, cashier-free Go stores, startups to watch include Veeve, with a “smart shopping cart” that automatically identifies items dropped into its basket, calculates the cost of produce, and notifies store managers if age verification is needed for purchases. Caperhas created a similar cart using image recognition cameras and built-in weight sensors.

Focal Systems also began with a cashier-free checkout solution, but more recently has developed an automated out-of-stock detection system that in November attracted an investment from Zebra Technologies. It competes with Singapore-based Trax Retail and Bossa Nova Robotics.

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